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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goals Update: May 12 - June 12

I'm going to be honest. I failed miserably at keeping up my goals. I was just a social butterfly in May, and didn't do much of anything I had planned to do. So, I'm revamping my goals a little bit. Instead of on a monthly basis, some of them will be changed to the numerical value of an entire year. That way if I have a weak month, like last month, I still have the chance to catch up later.
21 Goals for my 21st Year of Life!
  1. Pursue 12 Steps and make myself better. Going strong.
  2. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. Haven't started yet...
  3. Reach my goal weight. Actually gained a little bit, but I'm going back down. 22 lbs. left.
  4. Blog at least 120 times this year. 4 out of 120.
  5. Get myself worthy to enter the temple. Getting ever closer.
  6. Do an act of service at least once a month. 1 out of 12.
  7. Read at least 50 books. 1 out of 50.*
  8. Share my testimony at least once each month. 1 out of 12.
  9. Get kissed. Completed!
  10. Take at least 120 photos this year. 2 out of 120.
  11. Watch every movie I own. 1 out of 273.
  12. Visit my grandmother at least once a month. 1 out of 12.
  13. Get a job. No luck yet.
  14. Write a letter to 60 people I love this year. 4 out of 60.
  15. Be social. So far so good.
  16. Make at least 12 videos this year. 0 out of 12.
  17. Write in my journal at least 4 times a month. 4 out of 48.
  18. Fast at least once each month. 1 out of 12.
  19. Go for a hike in Jone's Hole. Haven't made it yet.
  20. Prepare at least two meals for my family each month. 1 out of 24.
  21. Try something new every month. 1 out of 12.**
* 1. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz.

** I drove a fancy black Jaguar. So pretty. It was like Disneyland!

3 Thoughts:

Chymere said...

LOVEEE the list!!! especially the 120 photos and 60 letters...I'm going to make a list of my own. And I LOVEEE books by Dean Koontz. Amazing writer if i must say so myself

Framed said...

Great goals. Good luck with them all.

Reixe t'Vobi said...

Oooh, letters to people you love? That's so sweet!