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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Kiss?

Ready for a shocking revelation? Are you sure? Okay.

I've never been kissed on New Year's Eve.

I realize that I'm only 20, and I have plenty more December 31st's left for this to occur. But 20 years is a long time. I mean, granted for about probably 13 of those years, I wanted nothing to do with boys and I probably would have run away if one tried to kiss me. But now, here I am, 20 years old, and no prospective boys to kiss me at the beginning of the new decade.

So I thought I would leave a little personal ad, maybe catching a potential lip donor.

Hi. My name is Kate Weber. I'm 20 years old. I'm single, fairly normal, and I have a great sense of humor. I'm a great conversationalist as long as you don't expect me to come up with a starting topic. I'm a bit messy, but I simply have other priorities that trump cleaning. I like taking long walks on the beach, or I'm sure I would if I had a beach near my home. I love music, movies and books. I'm also in love with computers.
Lips: used, but in great condition. Also comes with large amounts of thick, long hair, perfect for running your fingers through.
Warning: Emotional baggage likely to appear at some point.
If you are interested, leave me a comment!
XOXO Kate!

That wasn't desperate was it? *shrug*

Have a great new year, and I hope I was able to make you smile!

And remember "If you put a smile on your kisser, maybe someone will put a kiss on your smiler."
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking Back on 2009!

Before my previous blog was unfortunately deleted, at the end of every month, I would post about the events that happened during my month. Well, since there is only one month left in this year, I figured I would simply regale you guys with my favorite moments of 2009, bringing the monthly reviews back in 2010. But I thought I'd start with a few of my least favorite moments.

Least Favorite Moments!

  • Getting hurt by a stupid boy multiple times.
  • Random depressed moments.
  • Getting laid off from the Preschool.
  • Weighing the most I've ever weighed.
  • Working at the Rec Center.
  • The end of November.
That's about all I could come up with. Now for my favorite moments:

Favorite Moments!

  • Working at the Preschool. Best job ever!
  • Shooting a gun for the first time.
  • Road trip with Nashelle! That was so much fun!
  • Filming Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) with the girls!
  • Seeing Jane Eyre every performance night! Such an incredible show!
  • Being in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
  • Going to Las Vegas three times to visit Alyson.
  • Traveling to Cedar City with my parents and grandma.
  • Seeing Secret Garden twice while in Cedar.
  • Standing up for my heart.
  • Filming Laughter's Radiance.
  • Changing Singles Wards. Hated the idea at first, but what a great change it has been.
  • Starting KatesBookClub!
  • Getting called as First Counselor in the Relief Society presidency. It's been a blessing in disguise!
  • Meeting and Interviewing Shannon Hale (one of my favorite authors) one-on-one.
  • J&T's Annual Halloween Party. Always a good time!
  • Participating in NaNoWriMo. It was amazing! I got so much done, and I made so many great friends!
  • Holly Days. Karaoke, warm clothes, friends = fun stuff!
  • Finishing the first draft of my novel. What a sense of accomplishment.
  • Driving in the city by myself for the first time. (It's lame that it took me this long, but I was glad I did it!)
  • Putting up the Christmas lights on my house. I got very carried away, and loved it.
  • Writing a song with one of my friends. It was an incredible experience. She wrote the lyrics, I did all of the music.
  • Dropping under 200 pounds!
  • Simply spending the year with people that I love.
It was a very good year. The goods definitely outweighed the bads, and I feel so very blessed! I hope that 2010 is just as amazing, and maybe even more amazing than 2009. Wish me luck, and I hope that you guys have had an incredible year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Past Decade!

I find it hard to believe in just a few short days it will be 2010. I remember when we were all at the crest of the new year ten years ago freaking out about Y2K. I was only ten years old. That was half of my lifetime ago. Yet it feels like it was yesterday.

In the past ten years:
  • I had ten different birthdays.
  • I became a Beehive, a Miamaid and a Laurel.
  • I progressed into Relief Society and eventually became part of the R.S. Presidency.
  • I learned how to drive. (And surprisingly haven't had a single accident or ticket in those five years.)
  • I went to numerous stake dances.
  • I had multiple crushes on stupid boys.
  • And I had my heart broken by most of them.
  • I did my first play, and have been in eleven others since then.
  • I was the lead in two of those shows.
  • I became best friends with three of my cousins.
  • I also became best friends with a girl that will probably be my friend for the rest of my life.
  • I had my first kiss.
  • I went to five different schools in the same town.
  • I went to High School.
  • I finished a first draft of a novel.
  • I made countless videos for YouTube.
  • I moved out of my parents house.
  • And I moved back home.
  • I had multiple jobs, some great, others terrible.
  • I spent ten years trying to figure out who I am, and while I didn't figure it out completely, I am excited to take advantage of the next ten to see if I can come to a conclusion.
There have been good times...and bad, but it's been a decade I wouldn't trade for anything. The experiences I had during this time in my life have made me who I am today, and good and bad, I love her.
Saturday, December 26, 2009

Turn around!

Have you ever had one of those days where you are absolutely sure that nothing will make you feel good? You are so depressed, and despite how much it sucks, it seems life is determined to keep you that way.

I was feeling a little self conscious about my weight earlier today. So, because misery...likes me to stay miserable? I decided to get on a scale for the first time in quite a while.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and stepped on the scale.

I was prepared for a five pound gain, thereby solidifying my depressed day.

..."Wait..." I did a double take.

"What?!" I leaned forward, making sure I was reading the scale correctly.

"Is that right?!" Tears start forming in my eyes.

"I've lost TEN POUNDS?!" I fold over on myself, joy overwhelming every inch in my body.

For the first time in over a year, I am under 200 pounds!

It's now a great day! The sun is shining, and if all the birds hadn't gone south for the winter, I'm sure they'd be flying around me and singing sweet music!
Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...and Katie was bored. The family is talking...and Katie realized that she is no good at writing poetry.

I just wanted to write a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! May Santa bring you something you wished for.

I also urge you all to remember Christ during your day and remember what this wonderful holiday is all about.

...and once again poetry she tries to write.
Merry Christmas
to all and to all a good night!
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the Season to be Jolly?

There is always something about this time of year that makes me feel sad. There are multiple reasons for this:
  1. Snow. I really quite dislike snow. It's wet. Cold I don't mind. I can battle the cold. But as beautiful as newly fallen snow is, if I have to go out into it, I don't find it magical. I find it moist and annoying.
  2. The shorter days. Not that I'm not a night owl by nature, but the lack of sunlight bothers me.
  3. Christmas. I know that sounds terrible. I love the holiday. I love celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. But I'll admit the hype of everything gets to me. It's fun, but it ends rather quickly leaving me disappointed when everything is over. This might be the first year that I am disappointed before Christmas has even started.
  4. Mistletoe. This subtle holiday decoration reminds me of the fact that I am alone for the holidays once again with no one there to kiss me underneath the little bundle of red berries and green leaves. This also makes me realize that there is no one to kiss me as the ball drops on New Years Eve. Ugh, it's pathetic but I would go for an NCMO if it meant I got kissed during one of those moments.
  5. Sleep. This has nothing to do with the season really. I'm just not getting enough of it. And I probably won't be for quite some time. (Except after I finish this post. I will be sleeping when it's published.)
So, while there are many reasons which I love the season (seeing family, singing Christmas songs, giving/receiving gifts, food and celebrating the birth of Christ to name a few) I find myself sad during this time of year.

A quote from 'Friends' comes to mind:

"Here's to a lousy Christmas, and a crappy New Year."
Friday, December 18, 2009


Christmas is sneaky!!! I'm a little surprised how fast it crept up on me this year without me realizing how near it was getting.

I'll let you know a little secret. I'm a born procrastinator. In fact, I was procrastinating prior to my birth. I am eleven years younger than my three older sisters if that give you any inclination.

I clung to the insides of my poor mother for four weeks after my due date.

I've procrastinated school work, chores, even fun. I'm procrastinating right now by writing a blog.

But even my skills in putting off the inevitable surprised me this year. I had one week to do my Christmas shopping...and I'd done none of it.

But I went out and did it, and now luckily, everything is finished. It's even wrapped! But there is one thing I learned in all of this:
  1. Not all people in this world procrastinate.
Some of the things I initially went into the store to buy were sold out; already snatched up by those "prepared" people. Puh.

I'll just have to prepare better next year.

...But I'll probably procrastinate those preparations.


Have you ever had one of those absolutely stupid moments that you will regret for possibly...well...eternity?

I deleted my Google Account.

I thought that this would solve a few problems that I had been having with YouTube logins. (Didn't help.) I thought that I would simply be able to link my new Google Account with my existing Blogger account. was deleted instead.

So, I spent a few moments whining and growling and hating my stupidity before I realized: Now I can do WHATEVER I'd like with my new blog, and it will be great.*

I'm determined to make this blog better than all of my old ones combined.

Wish me luck.

*Shakes her head.* I think I might need it.

*I'm really going to miss those old monthly reviews. Oh well, I'll just have to start again.