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Thursday, July 1, 2010

June: A Month in the Life of Katie


  • 2nd ~ Drove a fancy black Jaguar. Thanks Devin!
  • 3rd ~ Broke up with Tim.
  • 11th ~ Dinner at Wingers with Natalie and bonfire at the sand dunes.
  • 15th ~ Natalie took me to opening night of Damn Yankees. Great fun. 
  • 16th ~ Singles BBQ and dance.
  • 17th ~ Happy birthday Hannah! And my friend Toni came over and stayed the night.
  • 18th ~ Happy birthday John!
  • 19th ~ Father's day BBQ.
  • 20th ~ Happy Father's day dad! I love you!
  • 27th ~ Linger Longer. 
Happiest Moment: Weighing 176 pounds. My lowest in YEARS!

Saddest Moment: The whole month was spent really depressed, so they all get lost in there.

  • Pretty Little Liars - Teen drama and is kind of corny... but I find it really entertaining. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure.
  • Persons Unknown - Very much like I imagine Saw is, but without the gore. I haven't decided what I think yet.
  • 100 Questions - Incredibly cheesy sitcom, but it's something to have to watch every week.
Favorite Food: Chocolate milk wins again this month.

Overall: It was a really hard month. I'm definitely glad it's over.

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Anonymous said...

Depressed months are bad. Still... you got through it.