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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Loving Literature!

I have a few very exciting things to mention!


Earlier this week, I celebrated my channel 2 year anniversary on YouTube! 

It was quite a party!


I finished my Summer 2011 Reading List!

My deadline was September 30th, and I finished early. There was a total of 21 books on the list and 7,969 pages read. I'm pretty impressed with myself.

(That's not counting the extra five books (1,842 pages) that I also read this summer.

You can check out the completed list here!


I have officially started my Autumn 2011 Reading List!

You can check that out here!


I've finally received my complimentary flyers from that giveaway I had last month.

I'm so excited about them!

I'm so excited to start using these adorable flyers in the books I read! They are blank on one side and are only 4x6 so I can easily slip them into library books with thoughts about the books I've read!

I think it would even be fun to stop into book stores (especially when I travel) to drop off a few! Who knows! Maybe one of you will find one in a book that you read! Keep an eye out!

I thought it was a great way to use my reward and get the word out about my blog.

So fun!

What's on YOUR fall reading list?

1 Thoughts:

Kevin said...

These flyers really turned out amazing. :) I'm impressed!