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Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Messing Around

If you missed it, I'm hosting this amazing giveaway right now! You can go check out details about how to enter HERE!

My Memories offered me a chance to review their software My Memories Suite and goodness, I am so loving it!

That's also what I'm giving away to one lucky reader!

Trust me, you better go enter because this is a program you definitely want to own!

And it's free if you win!

I spent an hour two tinkering around to make this page.

The goal for the day was to use as many embellishments as I could without making the page look cluttered.

So cute right?

So cute right?

It was so easy to place embellishments and I was so happy to find out that all of my existing digital scrapbook embellishments are usable in this program!

I'm loving this program more and more!

Be sure to go and enter the contest!

And as a special bonus, every reader of this blog gets an extra special promo code to use!


It will get you $10 off of My Memories Suite and $10 off ANYTHING in the My Memories Store!

Cool huh?

What is your favorite part of scrapbooking?

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Booklogged said...

Love this page and that cute, cute picture. I thought I had decided just which packages I wanted to buy with the coupon but the two you used on your pages are so darn cute, too. That's really the trouble, isn't it? They are all wonderful. You pulled off both your pages using cute embellishments without going over the top. You are very talented my darling Katie.