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Saturday, March 13, 2010


I posted my fiftieth post without realizing it. In celebration, I'm going to show you what I will look like when I'm old. 

Don't you think blue hair and wrinkles fit me superbly?  

Also, in celebration I'll now list 50 things that I want to do before I die. 

Bucket List

1.       Get a book published
2.       Get married in the Temple
3.       Start a family
4.       Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover
5.       Read the Bible cover to cover
6.       Take a college class
7.       Beat ‘Raining Blood’ on Guitar Hero III on EXPERT
8.       Master the Guitar
9.       Learn to play Piano
10.   Set foot on every continent
11.   Learn a new language
12.   Achieve my ideal weight
13.   Take Dancing lessons
14.   Read at least 1,000 books
15.   Fly first class
16.   Go on a cruise
17.   See Wicked on Broadway
18.   Audition for a paying role in a Musical
19.   Get a song I’ve sung on iTunes
20.   Go on a blind date
21.   Go skinny dipping
22.   Learn to juggle
23.   Go surfing
24.   Visit all 50 states
25.   Learn to play Violin
26.   Record a CD of Lullabies for my children
27.   Write a children’s picture book
28.   Drive from New York to LA with someone I love
29.   Write 2,500 blog posts
30.   Have a star named after me
31.   Start a food fight
32.   Get stung by a Jellyfish just so I can shout “Damn the jellyfish! Damn ALL the jellyfish!”
33.   Attend a demolition derby
34.   Finish the movie ‘UP!’
35.   Get in and splash around in a public fountain
36.   Bury a time capsule
37.   Open it 10 years later
38.   Carve my name under a windowsill
39.   Horseback ride on a beach
40.   Ride “Wicked” at Lagoon 5 times in a row
41.   Crochet a blanket
42.   See or read all of Shakespeare’s works
43.   Spend an entire day in silence
44.   Donate blood
45.   Leave 1000 post it notes in the front of my favorite books, telling how much I loved it
46.   Go to the Olympics and see five different events
47.   See the Cirque du Soleil in Vegas
48.   Travel across Europe
49.   Try lobster
50.   Leave my testimony in 10 Books of Mormon and give them away
 Good goals? I think so. 

7 Thoughts:

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

haha, congrats on your 50th! xoxo

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

haha, congrats on your 50th! xoxo

Danielle said...

love 32!!! cracked me up! I can take care of that blind date thing???? #47 you can do that at disneyland/ world too!! # 43 good luck with that! :)

NaTaLiE aNn said...

okay so i have decided that i would like to be present for #31,#34,#35 YEAH i would very much like that :)

ahlin said...

great goals! you can totally do it :)

Lady Expat said...

Love your list! I suggest start planning. Once you take a cruise you'll want to take another one. Once you travel Europe, you most likely will want to return. Not sure how you'd like the blind date but it may lead to No. 2.

Anonymous said...

So you'll look older and wiser?

Good list, though some of Shakespeare's work is so bloody boring I can't read it.