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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Longest. Post. Ever.

Quick run through: Trip. Depressive Episode. FHE. Girls Night. (Hey, I haven't blogged in two weeks! There's lots to cover!)

I've been totally missing from my blog. For this I apologize. In fact... I've kind of been missing from life in general. Last week... Not a good week for me. I'll admit it.

But I'm back and I have LOTS of hilarious things to mention.

First things: West Side Story was AMAZING! My best friend Nashelle was Maria. The lead. Think 'Juliet' of the 'Romeo' persuasion. Yeah! Super big deal! I went down and spent a few days with her and saw the show twice. It was magical. Very well done! Nashelle was absolutely spectacular!

Unfortunately, somewhere during my stay I got really depressed. (This just happens. Chemical imbalance and all of that.) I drove home the following morning, and didn't emerge from my room for over a week. It was a little scary. 

BUT! I promised you funny! Here are a few of my favorite moments from the trip:

(While jamming out in Nashelle's car, I shook my head around like I was in a mosh pit, making my head hurt.)
Kate: Ow! I think I gave myself 'Shaken Katie Syndrome.'

(Nashelle jamming a straw in her lip and reacting to the 'SKS' comment with wide eyes.)
Kate: Oh! That's attractive!
Nashelle: *glares at me and looks in the mirror, her eyes going wider* 
(Lots of laughter ensued.)

(A friend of Nashelle's bit her arm, leaving teeth marks for hours afterward.)
Nashelle: It looks like a hickey!
Kate: That's NOT a hickey! You get a hickey when.... *pauses, feeling stupid*
Nashelle: *laughing* No, Katie, go on! How do you get a hickey?

Good times. 

I finally decided to get out of my room and go to FHE. It was a combined activity with both the wards in town. Which meant: lots of boys that I don't know and more importantly, THEY don't know what a spaz I can be. Unfortunately, this was ruined when my friend Natalie freaked out, pointing to my leg. "There's a SPIDER on you!" For some reason whenever this sentence is uttered, I always look down calmly, almost slow motion. Then my heart seizes and I flick it away, squealing a little bit. We both freak out, and run to the other side of the room. There went any semblance I had at being semi-cool around these new hotties. On the up side: they have all noticed me now. On the down side: Spring is approaching, and with it, The Spider Vendetta: Part Two 'Thissa time it'sa personal!'

The lesson was about dating. A lesson about dating at a Singles activity? No. Way. What kind of cliched madness is this? *said with mass amounts of sarcasm* This means an entire night filled with lectures and awkward silences from the attendants. Surprisingly though, it was a very fun night. They had the girls and the guys write questions about dating on color coordinated paper slips. Completely anonymous of course. The question was asked and the opposite sex answered. Hilariousness ensued. 

Of course, because I read Mormon Bachelor Pad, I felt the need to ask the question 'How do guys rate girls?" The answers were quite funny. 

Random-guy-I-never-caught-the-name-of: Well, there's two categories. "Eh." And "DAAANG!" 

The instructor: The way I see it, dating a girl is like looking to buy a car. Sure, you might want the really pretty looking one over there; but what you need to do is make sure the engine is working properly. 
(My attention faded out after that.)
My thoughts: He totally just said "Make sure she's not crazy!" That's kind of offensive! Haha!

The lesson ended, and they broke out the refreshments. Natalie jumps up and literally GROWLS in a deep voice: OH MY HECK CREAMIES! It was hilarious. 

After FHE I went to my friend, Brooke's house. Some great laughs there as well. Most of which included Brooke teasing me because I had watched 'Paranormal Activity' the other night. I started it with my sister and after we decided that we should turn it off because it was too scary, I went home and searched the synopsis; curious about how it ended. Well, the synopsis was intriguing and I ended up watching the rest alone. SCARY movie. Terrifying really. And I really hate that the girl's name is "Katie." 

Brooke took it upon herself to torment me by whispering "Kaaatieeeeee" over and over and over again throughout the night. I'm glad that Mecailla was there because she was there to help me gang up on Brooke.
Funny quote from the night:

(While Brooke talked about what she would do if she had a gun to her head.)
Brooke: I would say "Go ahead, shoot me." My confidence would shake them. "Yeah, that's right. I have the power of God on my side." *holds up her hand, pretending to hold something* "Don't make me pull out my quad!"

I apologize for the length of this post.  It's just been about two weeks since I posted last. I'm feeling much less depressing and missing now, and will try to post more often, therefore shortening the lengths of my posts. Much love!

P.S. My cats aren't allowed in my room. I live in the basement and mine is the only room with heating. That and it's creepy outside of my door and so I always leave it closed. I can't sleep with them in my room. They will inevitably wail at the door to get out, and if I let them in at all, they'd wail to get in. So they aren't allowed. However, they have learned that sometimes my door doesn't latch and will push it in, trying to be sneaky. They usually only pop it open enough to peek in. Not tonight. They pushed hard, opening a substantial gap. I yelled for them to "GET OUT!" and they took off pretty quickly, making it seem by the time I got over to close it that the door had opened itself. GAH! I swear, that demon in "Paranormal Activity" has moved on to get me!

This is not my first encounter. My mom asked me the morning after watching the movie if I had come into her room that night and said her name. To my recollection, I did not. My imagination ran away with me. I was possessed. I stood by her bed for hours. Apparently possessed people do that. Next, I'll be chewing my own arm off and dying of blood loss. *sigh* What a way to go.

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siovhan said...

hahaha. my boyfriend has assured me that all guys do rate based on "eh" and "daaaanggg". but their personal perception of the two varies.

Anonymous said... how *do* you get a hickey? :-P

Oooh, weirdish paranormal activity.