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Monday, August 2, 2010

A few notes:

(I borrowed this idea from Shelby. Check out her adorable blog!)

Dear Parents,
I miss you a lot. I can't wait to come home in two weeks just so I can get a big ol' hug. 
Love you, 
Your darling Pooh Bear.

To Jonas Armstrong,
You are the perfect Robin Hood. I love the way you always look so concerned. Your eyebrows carry the weight of the world. Your maid Marian is going to die at the end of season two. Consider me as her replacement in your heart?
I adore you.

Razzleberry Pie:
Will you please finish baking so that I may enjoy your delicious scrumptiousness? My vanilla ice cream is lonely and needs a buddy. You can both make a home in my belly. It will be the friendship of awesomeness.
Waiting impatiently,
Very hungry Katie

Dear Joss Whedon,
You are an insane genius. Serenity was awesome! You seriously blew my mind. My love started with Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, and grew with Buffy. Now Firefly. Can't wait for more. I <3 you!
P.S. I promise to finish watching Angel someday. But I'm mad at you for killing Wash, so give me a while to forgive you.

Why are you hurting me so much all of a sudden!? Ow! Seriously! OW! Cut it out.
Girl desperate for less pain!

You're beautiful. Thanks for being long, soft and shiny.

Dear Alyson,
Thank you SO much for letting me come to live with you in Vegas. It's been so much fun and I've loved it! Almost as much as I love you!
Your little sister.

2 Thoughts:

Candleman said...

What a fun fun post! So imaginative, brief and thorough!

You're great. Can't wait to see you either!



Anonymous said...

I especially like the hair one... but you already knew that, right?