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Monday, August 2, 2010


I've been so blog missing lately. Every time I sit down to write something... anything... I realize that there's not enough to write about. Just random snippets here and there. So I've decided to just randomly list the things that I'm up to, or the things that are going through my head. Enjoy my rambling. 

Thoughts on VEGAS: 
I've been living in Vegas for the past four weeks. I'll be here for two more weeks. I thought it would be this awesome-tastic party experience. I sit at home in the same spot I am sitting in as I write this post. All day. Toward the beginning of my stay, I had quite a few dates. Two different guys. I liked the second guy a lot more than the first. Meh. Didn't work out. Oh well. 

I guess I really hoped that I'd meet huge amounts of people and we'd be partying it up Vegas style every night. Psh. I had more party in Vernal. Haha. 

If anything, I've learned a whole lot about myself on this trip. I've learned more than ever how I need to rely on the Lord to keep me steady and going strong. That's definitely something.

Thoughts on MUSIC:
There is one thing about Vegas that I LOVE! The radio. I never listen to the radio in Vernal because... it isn't really any good.

Here are my favorite songs at the moment:

Thoughts on TV:
Another good thing about Vegas is that I sit at home and watch TV all day. In the last two weeks I finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and watched all of Avatar The Last Airbender, and all of Firefly. 

I have now started watching BBC's Robin Hood. It's happy making. 

(I did want to read more on this trip... whoops.)

Thoughts on ME:
I've had a bit of hard time the past few months. Body issues, problems with my past, a whole mess of insecurity. It's all still there, but I think I'm starting to realize that I am a great person. I mean, yeah, I'm not a twig, but I'd rather have curves than look like a lurpy boy. I have a lot of insecurities, but I have so many amazing qualities as well. It's a slow process, but I'm hoping that soon I'll learn just how beautiful and wonderful I really am. 

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Anonymous said...

Music is okay, though I hardly listen to anything new lately.

I'd like to go to Vegas for the experience, but I have a feeling I wouldn't be able to afford it.

And you are beautiful and wonderful. I see it.