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Sunday, August 1, 2010

July: A Month in the Life of Katie


  • 4th ~ Happy Independence Day! I gave the lesson in Relief Society. Then had the whole family over for a bbq and went to the park to watch the fireworks. Favorite holiday ever!
  • 6th ~ My sister Aly invited me to come and stay in Vegas with her for six weeks. We hit the road today.
  • 7th ~ Alyson took me to Red Robin when we got here! How sweet of her!
  • 8th ~ I met Daniel online the day I got to Vegas and went on a date. Not a very good one. 
  • 11th ~ First time at church here. Good enough.
  • 13th ~ Institute here in Vegas. Only time I went, but it went well enough.
  • 14th ~ First date with Scott! One of the best dates I've ever had. 
  • 16th ~ Another date with Scott. Also amazing. Got a kiss and everything.
  • 19th ~ Went to see Inception with Aly. SO good!
  • 20th ~ Hanging out with Scott. Both realized that it wasn't really there for either of us.
  • 24th ~ Aly and I went down to the strip to visit some cousins. We went to eat and then saw Lion King. It was spectacular. 
Happiest Moment: All of the 4th of July.

Saddest Moment: Just feeling lonely sitting in Vegas alone.

New Movies Watched:
  • Knight and Day - Good enough. Kind of cheesy.
  • Inception - AMAZING!
  • Top Gun - I didn't really pay attention... whoops...
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Finished and LOVED it.
  • Angel - Kind of finished. Read the synopsis for the last season because I wasn't into it.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender - Oh MAN! So good! I love it.
  • Firefly - Four episodes into the season, liking it so far.
Favorite Food: Strawberry Fruit Chillers. MMM. Tasty tasty.

Overall Impression: It was a good enough month. I had some ups and a lot of downs. Sitting alone in a house for three weeks wears on you. I can't wait to get home and socialize again.

3 Thoughts:

Ben Rasmussen said...

What?!?! You didn't finish Angel? The 5th season is great! And it ends awesome. You made it through the hard part (S4), S5 is so much better.

Framed said...

It sounds like your trip to Vegas has had some highlights. Sorry you got lonely.

Anonymous said...

Saw Inception, was all like "What just happened in this movie?" when I walked out.

And Firefly... *sighs* Yeah. Saw that too...