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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goals Update: July 12 - August 12

21 Goals for my 21st Year of Life!
  1. Pursue 12 Steps and make myself better. I'm doing really well. Working hard on it.
  2. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. In chapter three of 2nd Nephi. 
  3. Reach my goal weight. I haven't weighed myself since I've been living in Vegas. I'm thinking I gained a little. :( We'll see when I go home in four days.
  4. Blog at least 120 times this year. 12 out of 120.
  5. Get myself worthy to enter the temple. Still getting closer.
  6. Do an act of service at least once a month. 1 out of 12. (I'm not doing too well on this one.)
  7. Read at least 50 books. 1 out of 50. (Or this one.)
  8. Share my testimony at least once each month. 3 out of 12.
  9. Get kissed. Completed in May. Completed AGAIN in July.
  10. Take at least 120 photos this year. 33 out of 120.
  11. Watch every movie I own. 1 out of 273. (I've been in Vegas for this entire month, and haven't had my movies around.)
  12. Visit with my grandmother at least once a month. 2 out of 12. (Again, I've been in Vegas, but I'm going to see her the minute I get home.)
  13. Get a job. No luck yet.
  14. Write a letter to 60 people I love this year. 5 out of 60.
  15. Be social. Blegh. I sat in my sister's house and didn't really go out or do anything. 
  16. Make at least 12 videos this year. 0 out of 12. (Fail.)
  17. Write in my journal at least 4 times a month. 19 out of 48.
  18. Fast at least once each month. 2 out of 12.
  19. Go for a hike in Jone's Hole. Haven't made it yet. Hope to go this month.
  20. Prepare at least two meals for my family each month. 1 out of 24.
  21. Try something new every month. 3 out of 12.*
*I went to an Indian Food restaurant. I didn't much care for what I ordered.

2 Thoughts:

julie said...

Don't give up on Indian food until you've tried it with me! The spices and flavors take a little time for your tongue to adjust to and I know the perfect dish for you to try! When you get a job, come out and visit me in Layton and we'll try Indian food again. Mmmmm. If Indian food were a drug, I'd be a druggie...I crave the stuff monthly!

Anonymous said...

Good progress, I think. Over the course of the year, you'll probably have a fits and spurts of goal activity, so it should all even out.