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Saturday, September 4, 2010

August: A Month in the Life of Katie


  • 6th ~ Alyson and I drove to Cedar City to spend the weekend with our aunt Susan and cousins Julie and Cassie.
  • 7th-8th ~ The five of us girls went camping. Gorgeous mountains. We got rained out early on the 8th and came home. We were all hungry, so we went to IHOP. We looked like drowned rats and smelled like campfire. It was fabulous.
(Gorgeous fog in the morning. Mmm.)

(Yay greasy camp hair!)

(The girls)

(Beautiful sister and me)
  • 12th-15th ~ Kristi and Ronnie came to Vegas for an awesome weekend.
  • 12th ~ We went and played Bingo and a few slots. It was my first time gambling (besides buying Lotto tickets when I was 19) and I wasn't too impressed with it. We also ate at an awesome buffet. So yummy!
  • 13th ~ The three of us, plus Alyson's friends Akilah and Aaron, walked the strip. It was a lot more fun that I first thought it was going to be. The night was full of laughs. Hey. Can anyone teach me how to Dougie? 
(My beautiful sisters.)

(The group walking the strip!)
  • 14th ~ Alyson, Kristi and I went and saw KA! Cirque du Soleil! It was phenomenal. It blew my mind on so many levels. 
(My sisters are beautiful. I love them.)
  • 15th ~ We all said our goodbyes to Alyson and headed home. It was fun staying in Vegas, but I was so happy to be home again.
  • 16th ~ I went to FHE where everyone seemed pretty excited to see me. We learned how to Country Swing Dance. Kill me now.
  • 18th ~ Nashelle came over for a little while and we laughed about people getting married and other funny things. I miss her already.
  • 19th-31st ~ I kind of disappeared into my room. I'm having trouble finding a job, and have been very depressed lately. I'm really trying to get over it. Hope I do soon.
Happiest Moment(s): There were quite a few amazing moments, but these two stand out in my mind. 
  1. My mom rushing to hug me when we went to pick her up from my Grandma's after I got home, saying: "Is that my baby?" It was an incredible moment.
  2. When I first got home, no one was home. The sound of my dad calling my name and crashing down the stairs to hug me.
Those were the two happiest moments.

Saddest Moment: Finding out that my grandma has cancer and that she's not going to be with us much longer. 

  • Firefly ~ I finished it and Serenity (the companion movie). I liked it. But I think it was the movie that sold it for me.
  • Boy Meets World ~ I got into the 5th Season and I love it just as much as I usually do. I just watched my all time favorite episode. It's pathetic how well I can quote the lines. Watch it here, here and here
  • The Hunger Games ~ Reread. Just as captivating the third time. I love this book.
  • Catching Fire ~ Also a reread. The sequel to Hunger Games. I also love this one.
  • Mockingjay ~ First time reading it. It was the third in the Hunger Games trilogy and it came out this month, which is why I reread the other two. I didn't like it. I'm just being honest. I didn't like it. 
Favorite Food: Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup. It's 90 calories of yum! It's Mmm mmm good!

Overall Impression: The first half of the month was incredible. I absolutely loved it. The second half I didn't love so much. I'm hoping it doesn't take me another two weeks to snap out of this funk. 

2 Thoughts:

Little Debi said...

Look at you!! You're getting so skinny!:]

Anonymous said...

Your hair doesn't look all that greasy to me...

And I've never been too impressed with gambling either.

"You haven't been here in years, Jayne. You really think you need that getup? No one's gonna remember you." "I think it's possible they might." [they look up at an elevated, life sized statue of Jayne in stunned silence] "Son of a *bitch*!"

The Hunger Games were awesome! Yeah, Mockingjay could have been so much better, but I think it was true to the world that had been created...