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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Notes and a Giveaway!

Dear Cold,
Please go away. You're not pleasant and I really quite dislike you. From not being able to fall asleep last night due to coughing and being woken up this morning, panicked and unable to breath; let's just say, We're NOT Friends! Stop with the acheyness and congestion.
Please and Thank You.
Girl praying to get better.

I'm glad I have you to help me waste time. You're the best. Twilight Princess is still my favorite, Wind Waker is amazing, but long and tedious. And now Ocarina of Time is amazing, but I've forgotten so much. Thanks for the fun times!
Your fan,
P.S. You're even more fun when you have a buddy to race through with. SO fun. :)

I love you and I'm sorry we have such an on again off again relationship. I really want to read you! I really do! But there are so many projects I'm working on that you get forgotten! I promise to try and read a little before falling asleep every night. I know it's not much, but it's the best I can give you.
I love you.
Your long lost lover.

Holy Customized Sneakers, Batman! I love you guys. Why did I wait so long to join this amazing community of bloggers?! Thanks for making me smile!
Katie Weber

Dear Cold,
You're still here. You think because I wrote about you at the first of the post, I would forget about you by now? Not a chance. Pack your bags and leave. Now. I won't ask you again.

Thank you for being so reliable and taking care of me while cold annoys me so. You're the best.
Your cuddle buddy.

Dear Readers! 
That's right! YOU! I'm having a giveaway of one of my favorite goofy books! 
It's called Charanavi and it makes me laugh every time.

"Are you an Affectionate Tiger? A Romantic Koala? An Elegant Pegasus? Find out what animal you are with Charanavi (character + navigation, pronounced kare-uhnah-vee), a fun communication tool to explore your own personality and find out more about your family, friends and coworkers!"

I've had so much fun playing this with my friends and family. Though it's a bit silly, it's great fun. Now I want to share this fun with you! 

One of you lucky readers will get this book for FREE!

Here's how you can enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me one of your guilty pleasures. (Mine being this book.)
2. Follow my blog! Leave me a comment telling me that you are now a follower of my blog!
3. Tweet about this giveaway and leave me a comment with a link to your Tweets and get TWO extra entries!

You have until 2:00pm (MST) on Friday the 24th of September to enter!
Good luck!

16 Thoughts:

Cole Garrett said...

Twilight Princess is definitely my favorite, too.

I quit video games, cold turkey, about a year-and-a-half ago and Twilight Princess was the last game I finished. It will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Holly Bierly Young said...

Hey! My guilty pleasure is definitely MTV. I KNOW I SHOULDN'T be watching, but I still do...some of the shows aren't so "bad" like Teen Mom and The Buried Life...but some of them are ridiculous (cough cough, Jersey Shore). I actually quit watching The Real World b/c it was just getting out of control....bleep this and F* that and the know. I am slowly weaning myself off... :) ~Holly

Holly Bierly Young said...

oh yea, and I'm following! :) Your 100th post was adorable. I also love Calvin and Hobbes. His snowmen are always the best!

Miss Innocent said...

ahhaha funny post on the colds.

arg!!! i have them here too!! .. hate itttt.

KG said...

my guilty pleasure is watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami. I just can't get enough of those darn Kardashians!

ps...i love all your notes. so cute.


this_shattered_symphony said...

I really, really love listening to Canon in D by Pachelbel (that one song that plays at weddings like, all the time), while driving at 80 mph on the freeway. It feels ironically soothing while speeding.

As for another guilty pleasure, I happen to really love Michelle Branch's music. I'm a total hard rock, metal, progressive rock guy, but Michelle Branch's music is so catchy.

Rachel said...

Isn't 20SB simply FABULOUS?! Everyone there is so great! :)
And this book sounds hilarious!

My guilty pleasure is watching terrible [as in poorly written/acted/directed] TV shows and movies. Disney Channel, Degrassi, Bring It On, all of those 90s teen movies....I love them for some reason. Even though I'm a little bit of a movie critic sometimes. I just can't help myself.

I am definitely a follower! :) [thanks for the blog-love the other week, btw! I'll respond to that soon!]

aaaand here's a tweet!

Bi said...

My guilty pleasure is most definitely Backstreet Boys. I loved them back then, I love them still, and I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I work out to them several times a week. :)

Anonymous said...

hi, i so wanna have this book! :D

my guilty pleasure? that would have to be rerunning charmed, felicity, and ally mcbeal over and over again...

been following your blog via twitter and via blogger :)

Twit re: giveaway:

Scotty Fields said...

I see you are a Zelda fan. I am one as well. Actually, I am a video gaming fan in general. I am currently playing Starcraft 2 with some buddies. It is one of the other things I do that I consider a "hobby".

Do you play other games? It looks like you like "Twilight Princess" best of all. I love it also but I must say that the first Zelda; "The Legend of Zelda" for the NES is my favorite. I guess I'm a little old-school.

Anyways, great blog. I will be checking it out again!

Kayley Monday said...

My guilty pleasure is Spongebob. I love the yellow, squishy sucker.

I followed too. :)

Kari said...

My guilty pleasure is the song "Sexy, Can I?" by Ray J

Makes me laugh and dance every single time! :)

Randa said...

Your letter to books and Zelda sounded just like me! :0] I'm a huge fan of Winder Waker - not much of a gamer but I love that video game!

My guilty pleasure would have to be . . . hmm, probably Starbucks coffee. I'm usually on an extremely tight budget so I have it maybe four times a year but it just makes days better.


Randa said...

PS - I am now an official follower!


Rockin Rita said...

what a wonderful entry! i love your little notes (i've read like the last 10 entries through my google reader)...that's def a guilty pleasure! haha not interested in the giveaway, but good luck to everyone who is! :) Hope you feel better soon Katie! Much love!

-Rockin Rita-
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Anonymous said...

...well, meh for being too late. :-P

Nice post though!