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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Presents

Christmas is stressing me out. At least once a day, a family member asks me what another family member might like for Christmas. 


Mom: "What about Alyson? Do you know what Alyson might like?"
 Me: "Mom... I don't have Alyson for Christmas this year. I didn't ask her."
Mom: "Yes, but she's your sister. You must know something!"
Me: "Yes, but you're her MOTHER. Figure it out."
Mom: "You're no help."

This will go on for the next week and a half. (Whoa... that's not much time...)

Then later:

Me: "Speaking of Aly, do you know what she's getting me for Christmas?"
Mom: "Yes."
Me: "Will I love it?"
Mom: "Yes."
Me: "Give me a hint?"
Mom: "No."

Alyson called me once Christmas 2009 was over.

Aly: "I have the best Christmas present for you!"
Me: "But it's JANUARY!"

I must confess. I am not a patient person. I am the girl who sneaks up on Christmas Eve to see the stash left by Santa. I am the girl who peaks in drawers and in the closet. I am the girl who carefully peels back the tape on a present to find out what it is three days early. So waiting an entire year to find out what I'm getting for Christmas has been torture. 

But I am determined to be a good girl this year. I will do my best (though I'll probably torment quite a few people about hints) and not ruin the surprise. 

It helps that I know what my parents have gotten me. My sister and I went shopping on Black Friday and I bought the present from my parents: Seasons 2 and 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Season 2 of Chuck.

I was excited knowing that that was all I was getting.

Yesterday my parents kidnapped me. They made me get dressed, threw me (or had me peacefully get) in the car and started driving. They bought me a brand new phone. I've had the same ghetto phone since I was 18. I'm very used to it, but it's ugly and boring.

My new phone has a touch screen and I spent hours yesterday figuring out all of the features. It's so pretty. I'm gushing. *Sigh* 

There is a downside to this however. Yesterday I told myself that I would finish a LARGE part of my parent's and sister's present. But the phone distracted me and now I have to do it today. Not such a big deal. I'm just ready for it to be finished. I've been working on it since October. It's taking a while. 

In other news, the weekend was filled with too much good food and I now have 6 pounds to lose in 11 days. Do you think I can do it?

9 Thoughts:

Single Ladies said...

oh man! you got to love conversations like that with your mama.



Paige said...

im so jealous i want a touch screen so badly!

daniela said...

Don't worry - i have yet to start. I'm thinking tn after work, but i'll probably be too tired to care or accomplish anything :P
WHAT PHONE DID YOU GET?! I'm kind of a nerd so i like those kinds of details hahaha

Aaaand...i think it's more important that you're losing weight in a healthy way than forcing yourself to meet goals. Losing any kind of weight is a big sucess in my opinion :)

AmberLaShell said...

I am that same girl that just has to know right now, but when I find out early, I'm always sad that I couldn't wait...

Helen said...

I was in the same boat! I had the same phone for years (I called it the brick), and just recently received a touch screen! I'm in heaven! PS what type of phone did you get?

I am new to the blog world, but have read several of your posts, and can't wait to read more!


Tara said...

Getting a new phone is the greatest.

The phone I have in Korea is this ancient hand-me-down phone, and the buttons barely work.

One of the things I am most excited about upon returning to Canada is getting a new phone... I even have the one I want all picked out, haha

Bri said...

haha well i'm sure the wait will be worth the surprise! although i can understand the little child itching to peek, i was once that child too!

julie said...

I know what Aly got you and I think you'll LOVE it! Just over a week left and then you get to find out.

I'm really patient about getting presents but not with giving them. It's one of the reasons I wait til December to start Christmas shopping. If I did it any earlier, I'd probably end up giving the present to the person before Christmas! I don't know how some people (my sister-in-law Audree) get all their shopping done in July!

Have fun with your new phone! What is your number? Email it to me please! :)

Anonymous said... What did Aly get you?