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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Living in Utah, we don't get much chance to make snowmen. 

But Katie, it snows all the time in Utah!

Yes. But it's never snowmen snow. 

There is a such thing as snowmen snow?

Yes. Snowmen snow is wet.

All snow is wet, Katie...

Yes. But Utah snow is too dry to make a snowman. You can't even make a decent snowball. It won't pack. It's perfect for skiing though.

Okay Katie. Okay.

Anyway, the point is, when the snow is heavy and wet enough to make a snowman, I try my hardest to get out there to make one. 

Sad thing is, it's usually really late at night when the snow is packable and I miss out because by morning, it has dried out. 

I'm going to tell you all something. I don't make your typical snowman. The three balls of varying sizes, the broom, the scarf, the corn cob pipe. When I do make a three tiered snowman, it's of the Calvin and Hobbes variety.

But lately, I've gotten into sculpting my snowmen, rather than stacking them. Most of my attempts fail though.

This was my first snow sculpture. I called it: "A Little Bit of Snowmance." 

Tonight, I decided that I would try to make another snowman. I was planning on recreating my adorable snow couple (Josh and Olivia) but inspiration took hold as soon as I started to pack the snow. 

Snow Santa and Simply Kate wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

13 Thoughts:

ledenzer said...

Very cute Katie!

Laura Darling said...

A little bit of snowmance! So clever!

DB said...

That's adorable!

I'm not nearly patient enough for that. Plus snow irks me. The curse of being a southern girl, I suppose.

Framed said...

Love the Santa snowman. Plus, I have some ideas to make snowmen with Lincoln from your Calvin and Hobbs picture.

Jess said...

Those are great! It's a shame they melt eventually. You should make a Ryan Reynolds snowman. Yum.

Booklogged said...

Very cute! It makes good snowmen butt it's sure heavy for shoveling! Yay! for a white Christmas!

Chelsea said...

Very creative Kate!

Tara said...

I totally know what you mean by snowman snow. I'm from Alberta, we get more snow than anyone ever needs, but it's ALWAYS the dry powdery snow, not the west soft snow.

I really like your snow couple, by the way, they look good!

k-money said...

Awwww!! I will never take wet snowman snow for granted again!!

Lizzie said...

Snow Santa is adorable! I love it!

Jamie said...

Haha I love your sculptures, I am amazed. So very creative.

Cute blog, following you :)

Reixe t'Vobi said...


Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

very beautiful!