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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Have any of you ever had beignets? 
(Pronounced ben-yays) 

As soon as I found out that we were heading to Louisiana, this was on the top of my list of food that I wanted to try while in the Bayou.

We went to this adorable little coffee shop called the "Coffee Call" just for the Beignets. And goodness gracious! They were amazing!

Alyson and I got an order of Beignet Fingers because they were easier to share than the traditional style. They were so incredible and so messy!

If you are ever in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; The Coffee Call and their Beignets are a stop you should really make! The shop is so cute and the food is yummy and affordable! I'm definitely a fan!

Also, I just wanted to thank all of the people who left comments on my last post. All of your thoughts and kind words were very welcome and reassuring. I'm feeling quite a bit better about everything and I want to thank everyone because you all helped. Thank you! 

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Chels said...

I've been to New Orleans before and we went to Cafe Du Monde, a place for beignets! They were so great.

Anonymous said...

I love beignets, my grandma are the best one! But I am living far away now, need to find a new place to taste them.
happy to hear you feel a bit better Kate!

April said...

I love beignets! They are totally messy, but worth it!

Hannah J. Holmes said...

great pics! and the beignets look delicous!

Melbourne on my mind said...

ZOMG, those look amaaaazing!! Although I can imagine that they get VERY messy with all that icing sugar on the top!

Booklogged said...

Oh, my heavenly days! They look like scone fingers with lots of powdered sugar - is that what they taste like?

Always good to hear that you're feeling better. Here's to your power and strength and sweetness!

Booklogged said...

BTW- Who drinks hot chocolate with a straw?!

Sinea Pies said...

I've never been there but these look a little like "fried dough" dough. Probably even better!

C said...

Oh, I LOVE beignets. Now I want some!

Key said...
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Key said...

Hey! I WASN'T drinking the cafe au lait with the straw. I didn't have a spoon and needed a stirrer. Beignets are basically fried dough. (french doughnuts) covered in powdered sugar. And for those of you who want to experience beignets but can't make it to the bayou. They sell the beignet mix so you can order some.

Bri said...


We have a cafe here where if you ride your bike there, you get a free beignet. Awesome AND counter-intuitive. :)

Friend, I miss you!!

Vic said...'m in heaven:) love this, u look so pretty:)

Faith said...

Beignets are a reason I want to go to Louisiana :) They look amazing!