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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Have you ever had one of those periods (not the bloody kind) in your life where you are just swamped and every free moment is dedicated to something unexpected?

Like travel and jobs and visitors and new projects.

That is my life right now.

Did I tell you all that my parents let me borrow their fancy camera for a month? 

It's a Canon. With three different lenses. Very fancy.

I've had it for almost three weeks and I haven't even pulled the thing out.

That's how crazy my life is right now.

And my boyfriend is coming to visit me. He'll be here tomorrow! Gotta say, I'm really really excited!

I'm also very stressed.

As such, I'm going to take a break from blogging this weekend. I'm going to enjoy my time with my boyfriend and take pictures and do the things that I'm too busy to do.

But don't worry! I have a lot of great posts that will be coming your way starting next Tuesday! 

Be on the lookout for these awesome posts!

- Book reviews for the Harry Potter series and Ender's Game in my typical video format. (And likely Matched. I'm almost finished with it.) -
- Photos and stories from my weekend with Kevin. -
- And even an awesome giveaway! -

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will!

6 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Great to hear things are moving! Have a fantastic week-end and enjoy each minute of it Kate!

Skye said...

I hear ya loud & clear! Sometimes many days go by and I say "Oh it's been a while since I blogged... or did anything I wanted to do!" haha!

Laura Louise Cox said...

Have a wonderful weekend Kate x

Vic said...

enjoy the time with your babe sweetie:) xoxo

The Bookness said...

Thanks dear. Have a good one too.

Hello Again Vintage said...

Hope you had a fun and stress-free weekend!