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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Best Week Ever!

My wonderful boyfriend was here for an entire eight days.

This was the longest I've ever been able to spend with him, and it was completely wonderful.

And if it's possible, it broke my heart even more when he got in his car and drove away back to California.

I'm doing my very best not to be a complete emotional wreck right now. And I've found that if I focus on the amazing things that we did this week, the things that I loved; it makes it so much more bearable to know he isn't here anymore.

Favorite Moments and Memories

- The first kiss when I opened the front door -

- Watching one Harry Potter movie a night in anticipation of Deathly Hallows - Part Two -

- Reading all of the Hunger Games together. We read it out loud to each other -

- Going swimming in a fancy hotel pool -

- Walking the strip and exploring hotels we'd never seen -

- Tickle wars -

- Teaching each other card games that we love -

- Watching Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, a movie we both loved when we were little -

- Playing board games late into the night and laughing so hard at the silly things we said -

- Lots of kissing and cuddling -

- Cooking various food dishes: Breakfast sandwiches, lemon pepper chicken, taco soup and much more -

- Eating out at wonderful restaurants, and sitting so close together -

- Letting him give me my first hickey (he gave me two, the little punk) -

- Getting a hug when I was disappointed about the job interview I had -

- Playing through all of Yoshi's Island on SNES together -

- Watching Brian Regan comedy shows on Netflix -

- Listening to Disney music any time we drove the car, and singing along -

- Picking up job applications. Even though it was tedious, it was made fun because he was there -

- Reading most of Catching Fire before he left -

- Waking up to find that Kevin made me puff oven pancakes for breakfast - 

- Taking a few pictures in the same place we took our first pictures together, in a graffiti covered underpass -

 - The smell of Kevin. It's wonderful. (He sprayed cologne on my pillows before he left) -

- How sweet it was that he filled my car up with gas -

- Seeing Deathly Hallows with Kevin at the end of the week. It was an amazing movie, and seeing it with my Potter-fan boyfriend was wonderful! -

- The hesitation when it came time to say goodbye -

- And most of all, the multiple times when he told me how much he loves me -

It was an amazing week. And it was definitely over too soon.

I love you Kevin! Thank you!

9 Thoughts:

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Oh my goodness! You did all these things in one week? Can't believe it, you could easily fill 3 weeks with all that. :)

Ah, I'm really sorry that you have to part again. Hopefulls it's not for too long.

Did you like HP? I'm going to see the movie tomorrow... eeeep!


lalalalauren said...

It's official - you two are adorable. Sounds like a fantastic week! Hope you get to see him again soon.

C said...

Awwww, that's sweet.

You're a beautiful couple. That last picture is my favorite... it's so cute!

Ella said...

The photos reveal the sincere feelings you both have for each other. You both look like you adore each other! HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! You make such a good looking couple together :)

What a BLESSING it was to spend 8 days together and have experienced each other in all these variety of ways! Even simple things are all the more special when done with someone you care about!

I love that he sprayed cologne on the pillows. He obviously wants you to think of I am sure he is thinking of you! I understand about missing him while you are apart. Finding ways (like this one-blogging) to honor and reflect on the time spent, will help. Also when you both talk, you'll naturally reflect on your special time together, which keeps that warm feeling of togetherness still glowing. :)
Wishing you both the BEST!

L!$@ said...

That is a packed week! Glad you had such a good time together :D

Vivian said...

Happy to hear you got to spend this time together. Wish you both the best!

Jess said...

Cute pictures, and it sounds like a wonderful week together. Hope you guys continue to be happy together!

Myke Weber said...

Sooooo very glad you had such a good week.

Jess said...

You two look so cute together!!