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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I've been reading a lot lately.

As you may have noticed.

And with every new story, chapter and word, I am more and more impressed with these authors who are able to create such articulate and captivating stories.

The people who sat at their computers, typewriters or notebooks through countless rewrites and edits.

These writers who persevered as they got rejected by publisher after publisher until they finally got their book in print.

And every time I think of their achievements, I look over to the manuscript that is sitting on my bedside table.

It has been almost a year and a half since I last touched it.

This work of fiction that I was so proud of, so dedicated to, just faded out of my life.

Today I picked it up and read the first chapter.

I had a pen in hand and slashed it to shreds.

I made notes in the margins.

I corrected grammar and punctuation.

I scribbled on the pages until they were full.

And I'm not stopping now.

I'm determined to see my novel on shelves someday.
(Though, sadly not in Borders. Rest in piece good friend.)

I'm going to be an author.

Just you wait!

8 Thoughts:

Tara said...

best of luck! I go through these writing phases and I really need to get down to it and finish one of my manuscripts...

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Kate. Don't let go of that determined streak. There's a big community of aspiring authors out there just waiting to support and encourage you.

Myke Weber said...

That's my girl!

Tina Martin said...

You go girl...once you see your book in print, it will be well worth it!

Hannah J. Holmes said...

kudos to you! you can totally do it. just gotta work, work, work. you go girl!

Dave said...

Awesome. Don't give up!

thinkellen said...

Based on the cover and summary...

If I had this book, I would definitely read it. =]

C said...

You can do it! I believe in you, lady!