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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ha ha ha!

My family is hilarious. Always has been. Lately, though, we don't hang out. Just a few "hey, hi, hello's" and they are out the door. 

But tonight. Tonight we had family dinner. Banana pancakes with strawberries on top. Yum. After the plates had been cleared, we all sat at the table and just chatted. Two of my sisters and my parents. One of the stories I just had to share because it would have been selfish of me to keep it to myself.

I was ranting about how I never want a public proposal. It's tacky, and even if I love the guy, I'll say no. Too much pressure. It's not a game show! I don't need the "Say yes! Say yes!" from the crowd. It's not Deal or No Deal. My dad then began telling this story of an old flame he had back in his college days. She would always tell him that if he asked, she would marry him in a heartbeat. He was certain this wasn't true. (He didn't want to marry her either.) We all listened as he explained how he proposed to this girl in this perfect little park while beautiful big snowflakes fell slowly from the sky. "Kathy, will you marry me?" "No." He laughed, pointed his finger in her face and said. "See!? I told you that you wouldn't say yes."

Kristi: "Dad... if you didn't like this girl, and she didn't really like you... why were you so serious?"
Dad: "She was a great kisser." 
*A few chuckles, pursed lips from mom and a groan from me.*
Katie: "And I'm trying to find one of you people? Here I was thinking that my dad was above all of this shallow guy stuff. Thanks dad."

He continued to explain how for the first four dates they talked about EVERYTHING. They seemed to be so in tune with each other. So much so that he invited her to come and spend Thanksgiving with his family. My grandfather didn't like her. At all. He asked my dad: "Why do you like her so much?" "We connect really well." "Have you kissed her?" "No." "Well, maybe you should find out if your 'physical' connection is strong before you decide."

So, later: 

Dad: "My dad says we need to kiss." (Great opener. That's just what every girl wants to hear.)
Kathy: "I have great respect for your dad."

She was a great kisser and needless to say conversation is effectively ruined when your lips are smashed together. 

Oh dad...

3 Thoughts:

Danielle said...

Hahahahahahaha oh good times huh?

Framed said...

I've never heard this story before. Plus, I think if you really love the guy, it shouldn't matter where he proposes. Of course, if he really loves you, he should know better than to do it in public.

Anonymous said...

Your dad is goofy!