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Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm awesome.

I'm very behind in my blog reading. I have so many blogs to read that sometimes all of the 'new posts' overwhelm me and I take a break. But by the time I decide I want to read again, I have a huge heaping pile of blogs that I haven't read and need to catch up on. 

This morning, I was doing some catch up. (Not to be mistaken for Ketchup, which sounds really good with some crinkle fries right now.) I stumbled across this post. Siovhan's blog is adorable and always makes me smile. I kind of love her to death. And her post about how we should celebrate how awesome we are is a genius one, I must admit. So, I thought I would write down 10 things that make me awesome. 
  1. I wrote a book. And I think it's good!
  2. I have great taste in TV, music and movies.
  3. I'm not afraid to sing in front of people. Whether it's huge crowds, my friends, or the person in the car next me at an intersection.
  4. I make videos on YouTube, and people actually watch them.
  5. I can make instant friends with just about everyone. Even if we don't stay friends, for that one night we are best buds.
  6. I have amazing long natural hair. It's thick, it's soft, it hasn't been fried by chemicals. And the best thing, it doesn't get greasy for two days after I shower. I love my hair.
  7. I decided to lose weight and actually followed through. I have lost 30 pounds and am still going strong!
  8. I have a great sense of humor. I'm sarcastic, quippy and laugh at pretty much everything.
  9. My brain is filled with awesome and useless information on a myriad of things. Let me watch a movie a few times, and when listening to the soundtrack, I'll be able to tell you almost exactly what is happening. You've heard of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? I do my own version with M. Night Shyamalan.* Etc. 
  10. I am loved by so many people. That love makes me awesome. 
I've been feeling a little down on myself lately. And I just want to thank Siovhan for pointing out that we are all awesome. Are you feeling down? Write a list about why YOU are awesome. Post it in my comments, and be sure to go over and post that list in Siovhan's post too! 

*I can get from M. Night to any actor/tress and back. Ex: M. Night to Robert DeNiro. M. Night directed The Village with Joaquin Phoenix who was in Ladder 49 with John Travolta who was in Hairspray with Michelle Pfieffer who was in Stardust with Robert DeNiro who was in Hide and Seek with Dakota Fanning who was in War of the Worlds with Miranda Otto who was in Lord of the Rings with Elijah Wood who was in Forever Young with Mel Gibson who was in Signs directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It's so useless but it works.

3 Thoughts:

KG said...

I am in aww at your degrees of M.Night...srsly...that was awesome.

siovhan said...

your degrees of m*night ... that is freaking HYSTERICAL.

YAY FOR CELEBRATING AWESOMENESS!! it SO needs to happen on a more regular basis! i think we all seriously need these lists posted on our mirrors.

Anonymous said...

M. Night to Delta Goodrem and back.