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Saturday, May 1, 2010

April: A Month in the Life of Kate

Okay... so I failed miserably at Blog Everyday in April. Oh well. I tried.

Most Memorable Moments:
  •  1st ~ Happy April Fools Day. One of my favorite shows from the fall returned. 10 Things I Hate About You on ABC Family. Total teen TV show and intensely corny, but I enjoy it.
  • 2nd ~ Went to a game night party at friend Brooke's house.
  • 3rd ~ Dyed Easter Eggs with my family at my grandma's house. It was great being able to see family that I don't see very often.
  • 4th ~ Happy Easter!
  • 5th ~ FHE. It was combined with the other ward and the lesson was about Easter.
  • 9th-11th ~ I had the house to myself. It was nice. 
  • 10th ~ Natalie came over to watch Empire Records with me. It's official. Natalie and I need to hang out more.
  • 12th ~ FHE. I was in charge of the activity, so we played Boxers or Briefs. So funny.
  • 13th ~ Glee came back and graced us with it's presence again. Love that show.
  • 15th ~ Drove down to Vegas with my dad to help my sister, Alyson, move into her new house. 
  • 16th ~ Taping is the devil. We taped MOST of the stuff we needed to tape.
  • 17th ~ Finished taping and started painting.
  • 18th ~ Finished painting except one last coat on the orange wall. We also moved all of the big furniture over to the house and slept there instead of at Alyson's apartment.
  • 19th ~ Moved the rest of the stuff, and put a second coat on the orange wall. Her house looks fabulous.
  • 20th ~ My dad and I headed home. We ran out of gas. That was an adventure. He bought be an adorable new skirt and two pairs of heels at the mall in Provo. And we ate at Fuddruckers. SUCH good hamburgers. Mmm.
  • 21st ~ I auditioned for Damn Yankees for the Outlaw Trail Theater show. I felt like it was my best audition to date.
  • 24th ~ Found out that I got cast in a really wimpy chorus role, and while it wouldn't usually bother me... really ticked me off. So, I'm not doing the show.
  • 30th ~ My cousin Hope stayed the night. I love this girl. She's adorable and SO much fun. We had lots of laughs. Thanks for the great time Hope!
Happiest Moment: Watching Empire Records with Natalie.

Saddest Moment: It was pretty crushing to get cast in the role I did. 

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican. I had such a craving for Mexican food this month. Mmm hmm! So good.

Overall: It was a roller coaster month. My heart was soaring at moment and broken at others. I've been stressed and relaxed and stressed again. I'm glad I'm past it. I'm glad I experienced it.

2 Thoughts:

Camille said...

Pretty sure we should totally be friends. I love love love Empire Records (brings back nice memories from high school for me) and Glee and Chipotle.

Anonymous said...

You have a cousin called Hope? I have a character called Hope. We should totally be friends. :-P