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Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Eggs

It's tradition to dye Easter Eggs every year. I almost didn't this year. SO very glad that I did! Unfortunately, it was too cold to dye the eggs out on the picnic table. Out there I don't have to worry about ruining my grandma's table or carpet and therefore make MUCH more exciting eggs. I had 18 all to myself and only dyed five.

It's also become tradition for the older kids (the ones that aren't young enough not to be judged by the cars driving by.) to hunt Easter Eggs with the younger ones. I love this. Even though it was absolutely freezing and I didn't bring a coat.

My cousins are gorgeous. Love them.

We spent the evening playing games and then watching a movie. 'The Box' is about the stupidest movie. (Aside from "The Fountain" of course.) I didn't finish it. It was that stupid.

Very good day. I'm exhausted. Yay for Easter.

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Anonymous said...

...what was so stupid about "The Box"?

And I see what you mean about 'much more exciting eggs'; those look like eggs I would have made, having no visual artistic talent.