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Saturday, April 17, 2010


"Hey Katie!" "What?" "Want to start a paint contracting business with me?" "Ummm... no." - Conversation with my dad after 6 straight hours of painting.

We painted nearly all day today. From about 11:30am to 7:30pm. I realize that's only 8 hours, but that's a LOT of painting time. And we're not even finished yet. There's only a bit more trim work left, and then mostly roller work, which should go pretty quickly. And then we still have to move all of Alyson's stuff from her apartment to her new house. Alyson has a LOT of stuff. I sound like I'm complaining. Well... I am kinda. This has been a lot more work that I anticipated. I knew it would be quite a bit of work, but this is a LOT of work. It doesn't help that I'm PMS-ing right now. Too much info? Sorry. It's the truth.

I other news, it looks fabulous. That's good. It's a beautiful house and the colors she picked are pretty. I'm just tired of the tedious work that is painting. 

Also, we'll be sleeping at the house tomorrow night. At least... that's the plan. So... I might not be able to post for two days because Alyson won't be able to hook up the wireless. I'm praying that I can steal some from one of her neighbors. If not... I apologize for breaking my 'Blog Everyday in April" quota. Oh well. 

2 Thoughts:

Lexa said...

Painting can be a pain in the butt, but at least it's coming out really nicely! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hey, even if you fail to BEDiA, you have a great excuse and not just "yeah, I couldn't be bothered"!