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Monday, April 12, 2010

Boxers or Briefs?

I always panic a little bit when someone sits behind me in church and whispers my name before the meetings start. It only means one of two things: 
  1. Someone just wants to say 'hi' and doesn't want to ruin the reverence everyone else is displaying; therefore killing the spirit. OR...
  2. They want you to do something. Say a prayer, stick around for a meeting, etc. In yesterday's case: "Will you prepare the activity for Family Home Evening?" 
Of course I said yes! But who am I to judge what people will like or not. I finally settled on one of my favorite games.

Boxers or Briefs.

No. We don't line all of the guys in the ward up against a wall while the girls debate what they think they are wearing underneath. Simply because all of the guys there tonight would have been wearing garments and it wouldn't have been a fun game. 

Here's what the back of the box says: "Grab some friends and get ready for rounds of laughter as each player is put on the hot seat. The hilarity begins when you have to choose from the wild & wacky statements your friends pick to describe you. Will they reveal hidden quirks or will you all share a good laugh at their absurd choices? This easy-to-learn game will get the party started! More than 2000 unique and funny phrases provides hours of entertainment."

I first played this game at a party in 2007. Loved it the moment it started. I'm so shocked that more people don't know about it. It's simply hilarious to play. Everyone loved it. And even better, I had been having a pretty rotten day, and this cheered me up immensely.

I actually came up with quite a few other ideas for activities and let the FHE coordinators know about them. I'm pretty excited to see if some of them actually happen.

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...drat, now I wanna play.