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Monday, April 5, 2010


There are quite a few things that make me smile: 
  • Oreos. They remind me of CJ, which is awesome in and of itself. And they are just so tasty. I am currently dunking a small plate of them in a tiny glass of milk. My cousin Julie has a rule 80/20. If I'm good 80% of the time, I can splurge a little and eat an Oreo or two 20% of the time. These have red cream. They don't taste any different, but the sight looks a little unappetizing.
  • Empire Records. It is my favorite movie at the moment. I swear I've watched it at least 7 times in the past 5 days. I won't get into too much detail, because I plan on posting about it tomorrow. Natalie is coming over for a movie night. She's never seen it and I'm excited to share the love.
  • Family Home Evening. It was combined with the other ward tonight. I must admit, I love this. There are a LOT of guys that I don't know. Such as John Smith. That's not his real name. That's simply what I call him. He bears a quite noticeable resemblance to John Smith from Disney's cartoon. When I told Brooke this on my way out, asking for his real name; she told me that I should tell him what I thought of his appearance. "Right. 'Hey! You bear an uncanny resemblance to the cartoon love interest in Disney's Pocahontas. May I see your pectorals? That will seal the deal.' Ummm... no." They tried to get me to talk to him, but instead I slipped out of FHE and went home. Someday I will find out John's real name. I am determined. (Though... he's shorter than me. And doesn't have nearly as impressive of a jawline.)
I took my camera with me to FHE tonight, figuring that a good group of the people I mention regularly in this blog would be in attendance. I thought I'd help my readers put a name with a face.

Pete. Yup. That's him.

Natalie and Me. I love this girl. She's easily my best in town friend.

Brooke and me. I also love this girl. I can always count on her. ALWAYS makes me smile.

Mecailla and me. I met her through Brooke, and love her to death. 

Natalie, Jessica and me. We're very excited about something. Oh so cheesy.

"Da Moose, Da Moose!" AKA how Natalie says hi.

I love these girls. I'm so thankful to have them in my life.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics! You is good at photography!