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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Day

Things that made me smile today.
  • Finding an industrial sized bottle of my favorite salsa in the pantry. 10 calories!
  • My new panties. I kind of like them. Lots.
  • Working out in like 7 layers of goofy looking clothes, just to make the work out more entertaining.
  • Having the house to myself all day long.
  • Walking to the grocery store to get treats for the Natalie and Katie movie night extravaganza.
  • My ex passing me in his car as I walked home. He pulled over and gave me a hug. (While his girlfriend was in the car.)
  • Watching Empire Records for the millionth time tonight with Natalie. She loved it! 
  • "GURL! You need a tic tac for your pit!"
It's been a great day.

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Anonymous said... shoplifted or caught a shoplifter?