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Sunday, May 8, 2011


My mom is:

A friend
A confidant
A shoulder to cry on
A scary driver
Great at making me laugh
A wonderful smile
A hug on a bad day
A hug on a good day
A caring sister
A wake up call
A great cook
An incredible wife
A night owl
A trip planner
A sweet grandmother
Always good for advice
A travel companion
A random email
A terrible text messager
A tv watching pal
A quilter
A reader
A farmville addict
A gamer
And most of all,

She is the perfect mom.

Thank you for bringing me into the world and thank you for making my life one that is filled with love!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

I love you!

6 Thoughts:

Kevin said...

I seriously wish I had videos of myself like this. One day, I hope to show you a lot of pictures. :) And I hope I get to meet your mom someday soon. I love you, babe.

Happy Mother's Day! said...

I laughed at 'farmville addict.' That's my ma too.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!!!

My mom is one of a kind. She's the perfect one to party with now. She's retired the 'mom' title and now proudly refers to herself as a cougar.

My mom's day post is here: Instead of chocolates or flowers, I got her a box of condoms. My mom rocks! :D

LesleyRH said...

My mother is also a terrible texter!

Gillian said...

I loved the bad driver bit! This is a great tribute to your mom. I know she loved it!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute to your mum. It is fantastic to see how many roles mum can have and how often they are by our side to heal our wounds or celebrate the Joy of bringing us into the world.
Thanks for sharing it kate!

sas said...

I love your mom!