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Monday, May 23, 2011


There are a few things that I don't enjoy about living in Las Vegas.

The heat.

The lack of green things.

But most of all, the mountains.

Yes. There are mountains in Vegas. But they are brown and ugly.

Growing up in Utah, I was always surrounded by lovely mountains covered with green and snow. It's been rough living in the presence of these brown monstrosities. 

This past weekend I was in Salt Lake visiting my cousins (more pictures to come soon), and I ran around feeling giddy about how gorgeous the mountains were.

I don't miss how cold it is in Utah, even in May.

But I do miss these mountains.

9 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Looking at the photos, I can understand you miss them! Always tough to settle, even after years and years, in a place different that the one of our miss your mountains and I miss gardens with flowers and trees.
Hope you'll visit them soon Kate..

Sunny Dee said...

Oh wow... yes compared to Utah those Vegas mountains are super disappointing. :( I can send you some corn pictures to hang on your walls if you want. lol It's not a pretty as those Utah mountains, but at least it's green! :)

Jenn said...

At least you have mountains... all we have is hills and cows...

I would miss the mountains too.

JessRaquel said...

Yeah Vegas does NOT compare at all to Utah mountains but at least Mt. Charleston is only an hour drive away and it's not too bad!

nobles said...

Omg! The mountains are beautiful!! But yes, cold! I'm from Missouri! and it gets very cold here too!

Alex said...

Beautiful pictures, I think even the mountains in Las Vegas are pretty , but then again I live in Florida, I'm no expert.

Thanks for sharing!

Jhan said...

I think the mountains are beautiful. I would prefer fresh mountain air over the hot, humid air in Philly any day! :-)

The Circus said...

When I moved up to central Washington I felt the same way. I missed the gorgeous mountains!

Key said...

I've never lived near mountains.. just big hills. So Vegas mountains are all the mountains I know.. I always miss them when I go away..