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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some Notes

Dear Medium,
Why are you so addicting? Why do I feel the need to watch you until I am so paranoid I can't sleep? Either way, you are an amazing show and I forgive you for your creep me out factor.
I think so anyway.

Hey People.
All people. I'm talking to you. If you say you're going to call. Call. Especially when people kind of need to hear what you have to say. Like me. Like if I have a job. You may be a big old retail store manager, that doesn't mean you can be inconsiderate. Maybe it does. That's dumb.
The girl who wants her phone to ring.

You're cool for being nice enough to come close and hold still long enough for me to take a picture of you. But you're very ugly. Just sayin.

Happy Birthday?
Less than a week until we meet again. This will be what... the 22nd time we've met? I really wish you'd stop reminding me that I'm getting older. Thanks for the fun times, but we don't have to meet again after this year, do we? Right?

Lovely blog of mine.
I'm sorry I've been neglecting you this week. I miss you. I promise that you'll be getting a lot more attention in the future.
You're amazing writer,
Simply Kate

7 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! Happy *early* Birthday sweet Kate!

Gillian said...

I love this! What eclectic little letters... I think I'm addicted!

I simply love, Simply Kate!

Newly following from FTLOB. Also, if you're interested... I'm hosting my first link-up tonight starting at (7 pm est), The Sundae Hop. I'd love for you join in!

Have a great weekend, and I think I'll dig through your archives now.

Baby Talk without the Babble

Ixy said...

What an awesome picture! Although I agree, a dragonfly is pretty ugly close up.

Andria said...

Maybe you need to be a bug person to appreciate a dragonflies beauty. At least love them because they eat mosquitoes! Love your letters, they entertain me :)

C said...

You're awesome, sunshine. I hope things are going okay. What are you doing for your 22nd?


Miss Muffy said...

The dragonfly part had me LOLing!!! I really enjoy your blog- found you on the FTLOB facey page!
Keep on keepin' on girl- so funny :)

The Reason You Come said...

I gave the same note to my birthday years ago. It didn't listen to me, and keeps showing up at my doorstep every year. Stubborn old fool.

I came over here from For the Love of Blogs. I like your writing style!