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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Guests: Kari

Kari from the blog Lime Green Movie Girl is our next wonderful birthday week guest poster! I love her blog! She's got great style, great posts and great taste in movies. Definitely go and check out her blog!

well hello followers of simply kate.

i am the great lime green movie girl.

yeah, in the flesh. 
well, my flesh is typing these words. which the internet will turn into binary and then convert back into text for you to read.

someone once asked me why it is i blog. 
[and by someone, i mean a fictional character made-up in my head.]

i was far too tired to answer them appropriately. 
[because i often stay up till three in the morning doing absolutely nothing.]

so in order to redeem myself, i will tell you now.

i blog, because i think i am funny. witty. and an insanely good [looking] writer.

i blog, because my love language is ‘words of affirmation’ and people often compliment my blogging skillz.

i blog because my therapist recently got a girlfriend and is no longer at my disposal 24/7. 
[nevermind the fact that i set them up.]

i blog because my fingers need a work-out after dunking oreos.

i blog because people kept defriending me on facebook due to my constant status updates. 
[and stalker-ish tendencies.]

i blog because no one except my mom reads my twitter account.

i blog because i will be famous someday, and want you to feel cool for knowing me before i was.

i blog because ‘i just have a lot of feelings.’ – Mean Girls


and for the fine details:

props to miss katie for helping fate select my name from the jar so you could all be graced by my awesome-ness.

props to sarcasm for aiding me in my boastful post.

props to we heart it for the above picture.

She's adorable, is she not? I love this girl and you should too! Go and check out her blog, Lime Green Movie Girl! Thanks again Kari! 

Also, I did a guest interview over on Tristacio's blog. She asked some pretty hilarious questions, go and check them out and hear my answers. Did I mention it was a video interview? It's awesome!

1 Thoughts: said...

One of the better "I blog, therefore I am" posts I have read in a while.

Beatnik snaps to you!!!