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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Thursdays are very slow going for us at work.

So when we have nothing better to do, Burt and I take pictures with the cut out Duke Nukem standee.

Duke likes 'em hairy!

And skanky too, obviously.

Oh work.

5 Thoughts:

Kevin said...

Of course, I'd rather be Duke Nukem right now. ;)

katie said...

I laughed outloud. Thanks for this. :)

Alex said...

LMAO!! CUTE i need a job like that :0)

Alex said...

LMAO!! CUTE i need a job like that :0)

KaliJae said...

So I over heard you talking to Chris the other day about you having a blog...
I just barely got the chance to check it out, however, I must say it is quite intertaining...Also I had no idea you were into photography..
I love it, It was always my favorite thing working in the dark room developing my own pictures...
My camera is broken now, from extensive moving...but I will live..
I love your guys' picture with The Duke.
and you're doing great at work..