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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A few things to mention:

1. I have a lot of split ends. My sister gave me some money to get a hair cut, but I have yet to do so. I should get on that. Maybe I'm just procrastinating because, well...I don't have a job. So knowing that I have $50 in my purse makes me feel a little better. So I've taken to pinching a clump of hair at a time and taking to it with the scissors. I see a split's get chopped. I will sit down for half an hour and just hack away at my splits. It never seems to help. I could grab a section of hair right this second and...*grabs a section of hair and looks*...Nope. You can't tell that I just spent the better part of an online conversation eliminating split ends. Maybe if I keep going.

2. While writing the first part of this post...I broke one of my favorite necklaces. Yes, the cute red one in my profile picture. Smooth.

3. I've lost a total of 16 pounds. I mentioned this in a quick sentence a day or so ago, but I thought I'd expound. I drink LOTS of water. I eat when I first wake up. I don't snack. I have small portions. I'm dropping weight. I can't remember the last time I weighed 193 pounds. Some tips from me: Chocolate craving? Grab a banana and a teaspoon of Nutella. The combo is fab and Nutella has chocolate, but also has protein. Good stuff, satisfies the craving. *notices a split end and clips it. Distracted now, clips about 17 others* Oh...also, spinach wraps are win!

4. I've done a switch. I finally decided to stop sinking in "The Swamp" and take a step forward. Super hard. I think the farther you sink in, the harder it is to pull out. There's another concept. Hmmm. I'm moving forward though, and I think I see dry land in the distance. It's possible there's another swamp on the other side of that rise, but so be it.

5. *snips snips snips the splits* My main character is about to meet the love interest. WOO! Can't wait to reread that scene!

6. I have church in a few hours! I'm so happy! I need it today!
    Here's wishing you all a great Sunday!


    ARGH! Split ends! *hacks at her hair!*

    4 Thoughts:

    Framed said...

    Are you just getting a trim or an actual new style?

    Kate Weber said...

    Just a trim. I love my long hair too much to get rid of it. :)

    Alyson said...

    Get your haircut already! Either that or put the money in the's doing you no good in your purse. :)

    So excited for your weight loss. Doesn't it feel good? Love you!!

    Anonymous said...

    I keep wanting to grow my hair long but it never works out. Oh well.