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Monday, January 25, 2010


I was looking through some old pictures today and it's crazy how much I've changed in the last five years. How's a photo montage sound? 2005-2010! (There's a lot of pictures, I couldn't decide!)







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Booklogged said...

I'm commenting to make Katie happy! (see above)

You are beautiful tho I don't think you've changed all that much. You do look more mature, but still look like Katie.

Utah Mom said...

You are so beautiful. Is your current hair color for real or a photoshop trick? Because if it's not for real, it should be. It's very pretty.

Kate Weber said...

It's real, for some reason when the camera I'm using takes pictures, it makes my hair that color. I would love if it looked that way in real life. But it's not photoshopped.

julie said...

It was fun to see how your "look" has changed over the past few years. You've matured into a beautiful woman, Katie! You have such a great sense of style and know what looks good on you. If you lived closer, I'd be tempted to hire you as a stylist! Hmmm. Maybe we should plan a shopping trip one of these days we both have money! :)

Anonymous said... look so pretty in these pics, but I don't like some of them in that I'm *used* to a certain look from you and anything that doesn't look like it throws me for a loop.

(I have been spoiled by MSN pictures)

Anonymous said...


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Can I use part of the information from your post above if I give a link back to this site?


Kate Weber said...

Oliver: Umm... What information are you referring to?