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Monday, January 4, 2010


Warning: Very long (and slightly disturbing post.)

Dream -

My house was a three story cube, with a large square tower rising out of the middle of the roof and another ten stories into the sky.

Now, it wasn't technically my house, as I was visiting; but my family lived inside. There was even a me. (Though, she did not look, sound or act like me. She was simply me in relation to my family.)

Let me break down the layout of this crazy house for you. The basement was really a bomb shelter. Locked doors, metal walls, food storage, etc. The next two floors were surrounded by a wrap around porch, and wrap around balcony. There were ladders that led to the third floor of the cube, the walls of which were made completely of windows. The tower was also filled with windows. Each floor of the tower was it's own individual room, the stairs spiraling up in one corner. Like the ladders to the balcony, there were ladders on three sides of the tower, in case of an emergency.

Okay, now that the boring part of explaining the premise is through, I can actually explain this dream.

The family and I (save grouchy me-that's-not-really-me) went to an outdoor movie that is taking place in the park a few blocks from the house. About five minutes into this film, I look up into the sky where an F-16 is flying over head, shortly followed by a helicopter. The jet is losing altitude quickly and I realize that it's wing is on fire.

"It's going down!" I yell over the roar, and everyone watching the movie looks up with shocked and terrified faces as the jet zooms over our heads and crashes in another part of the small town.

My gaze goes back to the helicopter. It's spinning out of control and is heading directly for the outdoor theater. Screams and chaos ensue as everyone runs for cover, trying to get out of the way of the quickly descending mass of burning metal.

"To the house! Quickly!" Yell my parents over the confusion. The three of us (I have no idea where the other members of my family are at this time) run back to the strange house as quickly as we can.

Somewhere a few blocks away another something crashes and the ground shakes as we run. As we approach the house, we realize that we've lost my dad. We climb the ladder to the balcony. The me that's not really me is standing there shooting at people in military uniforms.

"What are you doing?! You can't shoot the military!" I yell at her!

"Those aren't human! They came from the planes!" She shouts back as she continues firing! I turn around. My mother is gone. It starts to pour. "Quickly! Come inside!" Other-Kate screams as another plane hits the ground somewhere else in town. "Shut the curtains!"

I do as she says. Apparently these 'unhumans' can't get by curtains. We start heading up into the tower, closing all of the curtains as we go. We reach Other-Kate's room on the sixth story of the tower, and we move around the room to close the curtains. My brother-in-law shows up at the top of the stairs, an unclosed window behind him. A human-shaped non-human creature appears behind him in the window. We shout to him to move, but it's too late. The creature pulls him through the window.

We wait for more to follow. But I suppose the capture of J keeps them busy for the time being. Other-Kate collapses on her bed and cries. I sit beside her, and we mourn in each others arms, accepting the hopelessness of the situation. We wait for our demise, but nothing happens. No doom comes.

We sit there on the bed until the rain stops and light starts to come over the horizon.

"We have to finish closing the curtains, and then head downstairs to the bomb shelter." We stand and the scene cuts to outside.

There is light glistening on the rain drenched and destroyed streets. People slowly come out in twos and threes and join in front of the house. They make groups around the three ladders reaching to the top of the tower. It then zooms in on the face of one of these people as they lick the side of the ladder. It's covered in blood! Like in a movie, the shot pans up to show the bodies of my family hanging from these ladders. The unhumans start to climb with unhuman speed, tossing the bodies out of the way and delighting in the taste of the blood that clings to the ladder.

The scene cuts back to me and me, as we move to the base of the stairs, about to move up to close the curtains on the final floor. We are now on the ninth floor of the tower. A thudding comes from above us and we look up the winding stairwell. There are a dozen pale human faces staring down at us, the blood upon their demonic smiles glistening in the light of the sunrise coming through the uncovered windows.

I open my eyes, I take a deep breath. I'm awake. I contemplate going back to sleep to see how this plays out. But the outcome seemed way to bleak, and I didn't want me to die once, let alone twice.

My brain worries me. (Especially the fact that now I am regretting waking myself up. It would have been interesting to see how it finished.)

3 Thoughts:

Alyson said...

You're crazy!! :) I think it sounds like you watched "I Am Legend" recently...that would explain the helicopter crash, the weird non-human things that like blood, and even the curtains (not to keep them out, but to hide the light from inside). Idk about the weird house though or the other you, or why in the world you didn't head straight for the bomb shelter from the get go.

Kate Weber said...

Nope. I haven't watched "I Am Legend" in over a year. When I woke up, I seriously wondered why we didn't go down to the bomb shelter in the first place as well. I mean, forget about the zombie things...there are planes crashing to the ground! You don't really want to be in a tower at that point.

Anonymous said...

I'm disturbed now.