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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catch up

Warning: This is quite a lengthy post. Here is a quick run through of what this post will include:
  1. Boys
  2. Batman refuses to save my life
  3. Scales
  4. Anti-social week
Let's work backwards.

4). For the last six days I did absolutely nothing but sit in my room watching movies. I didn't shower. I didn't talk to anyone save quick 'hello - goodbye' conversations. Judge me. I don't have a job, and this is how I justify spending my time. I made conscious decisions every time a chance to leave the house appeared. I simply stayed home. I DID go to Subway on Thursday... I believe that is the only time I left my house all week. I watched a total of 28 movies over the course of this week. Yes. That is a lot of movies. (I own roughly around 278, including TV on DVD and it is my goal to watch them all by the end of May. I kicked out a huge chunk of that this week.)

3). The bathroom scale and I have always had a love/hate kind of relationship. You know what, it's more like he's the bad boyfriend I just can't quit. He's mean and abusive, and always made me feel fat. But there's just something about the brutal honesty that I adore. Well, Scaley and I have a much better relationship now. He's treating me nice, and the best part is, he's still completely honest. I suppose I have put A LOT of work into our relationship, and it's actually starting to pay off. I took him upstairs to meet my family when he said "189.6 darling. 189.6" this evening. It was the most rewarding moment of our relationship thus far. And you know what that means? He's just one step closer to saying that thing I want to read most. "165! Oh, 165!" And I will say it right back, no hesitations.

2). An old friend of mine had a dream about me last night. After a very long night, I had pretty much determined that I was not going to go to church (I'm sure it was the anti-social week thoughts lingering in my head.) and I got on my computer to email my R.S. Pres to tell her I wouldn't make it. But upon opening facebook, I noticed a wall post from Niki. "I just had the craziest dream about you...remind me to tell you about it! OH MY GOSH!" I debated with the tired portion of my mind for a moment, but the curiosity section has always been slightly overbearing and bullied me out of bed. After Sacrament Meeting, I pulled her aside and she very animatedly told me about her dream."

"You were the main character... and well... you died." Gasp! "Basically, there were a couple of kids that had died already, and somehow they were connected with you. It was also your birthday, and the ward threw you this big ol' birthday party at my house! You were sitting by this big window when I realize that the other deaths were ways to get to you and that if you stood up, the people were going to shoot your through the window. I turned to Batman and said, 'Batman! They are going to kill Katie!' and he said, 'Yeah, I know...' 'Well, can you do something? Save her?' 'Well.... we both know she's already going to die. I'll get the bad guys after they kill her.' (HAHAHAHA) So I get your attention, sneaking you out of my house. You would NOT cooperate. You just didn't understand that people were trying to kill you. It was very frustrating. I told you to hide in the bushes while I got the car so that we could drive away, but a spider landed on you and you freaked out. You ran into the front yard screaming and they shot you. You were dead in my front yard. I think that's about when I woke up." 

I think Niki's dream had some secret meaning. If I hadn't come to church, I might have suffered some kind of spiritual death. So, thanks to Niki and her crazy dream, I came and didn't spiritually die. So, while I might have died in your dream, Niki, you still saved me. Thank you. (Batman though, I might have to pound on him and his utility belt a little bit.)

1). Boys. Pete has changed wards. I'm not sad about this exactly. Just thought it should be mentioned. I also found out that Gavin is my home teacher. (I got home taught after church today before Linger Longer) I'm very excited about this. He's just cute. Not cute like an otter, cute as in 'I'm manly and make wooden benches.' Also... things won't be happening with Devin. I have become really good friends with this girl Sarah. She likes him. And I'm fairly certain that he likes her as well. I didn't realize this until after I sat next to him in Sunday School today. Eeshk. Either way, things might be different if Sarah had known I liked him, but she didn't. So I'm just going to step back from that. It's no biggie. 

P.S. It was also my best friend's birthday yesterday! She has forbidden me from mentioning names. Silly girl. Either way, happy 20th! Love you!

3 Thoughts:

JohnnyMartin said...

This is Jonathan Martin. Supermodel.. or so I've been called.

Basically, I'm writing to apologize to you, as I've promised I would.

You see, I think you got the wrong idea about me, through the skewed posting on MBP. But that's okay, because I was not the one who deleted their facebook. I was not the anonymous poster. That is a misperception.

But I definitely did call them out on coming after me. You see, several months ago, they did this to my close friend, Abbie Warnock. It hurt her beyond words. I defended her at the time, and several months later, these guys show up, and egg me on. Would you stand quietly after such a thing?

So for that I apologize to you.

Btw, Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. I hope you have a great time reading The Graveyard Book.

Katie said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I hate scales...I've come to the point where I really only weigh myself once a month. It was awesome, because I stepped on the scale after a month and lost 6 pounds! woo hoo.

Reixe t'Vobi said...

...that was a freaky dream this Niki had, but I'm glad it was apparently helpful.