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Monday, February 1, 2010

Horoscopes and Spider-Man

It's completely bogus, but I've been reading my horoscope almost daily. I have the button bookmarked because it is a quick and fun thing to check if I have a spare minute. (I have lots of those.) The horoscope is rarely true. Half of the time it's so vague that I am left staring at the computer screen with a furrowed brow and a skeptical mind.

About ten posts ago I mentioned how I wanted to be more social. I would still like to be, it just doesn't seem like I'm making any efforts in that category. I haven't gone to church for two weeks. I realize that I was sick for one of them, and accidentally slept halfway through the other, but I'm feeling it taking it's toll on me. For a while, church was the only time I socialized with anyone and now I don't even have that. 

In thirteen days it will be Valentines Day. That all too famous if-you-have-someone-to-squeeze-it's-great-but-if-you-don't-you-are-miserable holiday. For me, it's always been the 'but-if-you-don't' part of that overly long hyphenated word. It's not usually as bad as that. I'm not miserable. The day comes and goes just about like any other. No plans and single. 

My horoscope for this month said: "Oh, you do like smooching, don't you? And flowers. And foot massages." Except for the foot massages, this sounds like me. "Well, well, it sure looks like you're receiving some of the things you like so very much, and in spades, this month!" I'm loving the thought, but as I mentioned earlier I haven't been very social, so the chances of me getting 'someone-to-squeeze' and send me flowers isn't likely. 

Tonight is Family Home Evening, and while I could have gotten ready and gone; instead I curled up in my lovesac with a quilt and watched the third Spider-Man. (Ever since I wrote the post about looking like Kirsten Dunst, I've been craving it. I had a marathon and watched all three.)

My point is, the thought of this horoscope is great and maybe it could happen. But not if I am here in my room sitting on my can, watching Peter Parker sweep his hair into his face and dance down the street like a total moron. (That scene makes me cringe in embarrassment for him.) So, starting tomorrow, I'm going to get my carcass out of my bedroom and do something. I'm not saying that by doing this, the horoscope will come true, but it's not going to hurt to stop watching Spider-Man alone in my bedroom. (I'm finished with the it's not a huge loss.) 

P.S. Speaking of Spider-Man 3, this parody is hilarious!

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Anonymous said...

I've seen SM3 once. It was enough.

Also, horoscopes are... sometimes they seem accurate, other times they don't.