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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Home Evening

Singles Ward Family Home Evenings make me smile. I always get dressed up, because inevitably, there will be guys there. It's a great chance to meet people and just talk and laugh in a way that is difficult during the Sunday block schedule meetings. 

I put a little bit of effort into my appearance yesterday, but my whole heart wasn't into it like it usually is. I'm still fighting off the remnants of my cold, and I have a pinched nerve in my neck that makes it so I can't turn my head. I feel like Michael Keaton in Batman. I'm guessing the mask isn't nearly as painful as my pinched nerve. Maybe a bit more claustrophobic, but probably not painful. 

I showed up a little late and sat down by Natalie. I love this girl. Problem is, we should never sit by one another. I have a few people I should never sit by during could-be-edifying moments. Danielle, Pete, and Dale. Being reverent seems monumentally impossible when sitting next to these people. Though things can get very entertaining when the lesson drags on. 

A guy named Brad was giving the lesson. Brad's a nice guy and he has great arms... I'm just not attracted to him. I mentioned this to Natalie, who pulled out a piece of paper from her purse and wrote me a note. We spent the rest of the too-long-for-FHE lesson passing this little envelope back and forth, laughing at the crazy things we said. I won't share all of it with you, but here's one of my favorite parts!

(On Sunday I had chatted with her and mentioned that I was watching Ever After. Have you seen the PANTS in that movie? It's scandalous! We laughed about it for a bit.)
Kate: I won't deny that once I'm married, I'll probably try to convince my hubby to wear some tight little tights and treat me like a damsel.
Natalie: Well, you definitely have the hair for it. 
Kate: I suppose it is the hair that will make it believable. Costumes won't matter for long.
Natalie: OH! You can be Ariel and he can be Eric!
Kate: "Honey, Ursula just made me human! Kiss me if you want to keep me!"
Natalie: At least you won't have the awkward 'Kiss the Girl' scene!
Kate: No, no! Definitely don't need any crabs!

Haha! Natalie, I love you so much! That was such a funny conversation.

After the too-long lesson. We played a made up game called 'Hot Seat.' One person would sit in the hot seat and two people would ask a question. I'm pretty good at coming up with answers on the spot, but a lot of people aren't. Waiting for people to think of the perfect answer to the questions was kind of slow. 

What was your most embarrassing moment? "I was in the Jr. High play when I was 13. We were all in red, felt poodle skirts dancing around on stage. The poodle skirts were held together by nothing more than a little bit of velcro. The velcro decided it would no longer hold and my skirt fell around my ankles as I'm dancing downstage while wearing nothing but flowery panties underneath. After the show, an array of old, male well-wishers patted me on the back and said things, such as: 'I had no idea School House Rock would be so riskay!'"

I was very grateful that no one asked what my biggest fear was. That seemed to be a pretty popular question. I didn't need to explain to a bunch of skeptical and judgmental faces, my fear of dirigibles.

After the game, we converged into the kitchen to munch on leftover refreshments from the dance. Mmm! The artichoke dip was fab! 

I also started talking to this guy named Gavin who I think is pretty cute. He knows my dad, and Gavin saw him sitting with me at church on Sunday. (Dad came to hear the choir sing. Aw!) I guess my dad's knack for knowing everyone in town has finally paid off. I talked to Gavin quite a bit thanks to dear old daddie-O!

Family Home Evening. Always good for a laugh.

4 Thoughts:

Grace said...

Sounds like you had a blast at FHE! Hahaha, I can't remember the last time I passed notes with a bunch of BFF's LOL! :) And you'll have to keep us updated on Gavin.

Candleman said...

I can't believe I'm reading this instead of your book!

The squiggly word of the day is:

Sam Hale said...

Haha! You're such a doll! And I know! Those pants! You can't look away and you know you should! It's the same with the pants in A&E's Pride and Prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Exposing flowery panties would *def* be embarrassing.

And ouch, I've had pinched nerves and they *suck*.