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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cheesy Dialogue but Solid Advice

Romantic comedies will be the death of me. 

(This is, of course, an exaggeration. No one has ever died from watching a romantic comedy. Someone might have died while watching a romantic comedy; but to my knowledge, cheesy lines and overly unrealistic love affairs projected on a screen have not caused a person's heart to stop beating permanently.)

What I mean by this is: while I am watching a romantic comedy, I laugh, I cry and I enjoy myself. 

Until the end. 

Something about watching a guy profess his love for a girl after three dates really annoys me. That never happens. (Except at BYU.) I find myself a little bitter as the final credits roll across the screen, thinking things such as "Yeah, that's totally unrealistic." "What they don't show you is the terrible break-up that's going to happen in a few month's time." "I hope they get married and have ugly kids." 

Of course I know that it's all fictional. And maybe this is what bothers me the most. Life is not like it is in the movies. Is it just me, or does everyone feel like this after watching the too perfect happy ending wondering why Hollywood does this to the world? 

I'm usually able to make myself feel better by reminding myself that I am watching a significant amount of time crunched into an hour and a half. So though it may seem like they just end up together, they didn't. They had problems. I mean, did you miss the cliche blow out in the middle? "Oh no! There's been some kind of misunderstanding and when we figure things out we'll be happy forever!"

I'm sounding like a total skeptic here. I'm sorry. I'll move on. Today I watched two romantic comedies that, while I was sad at the end, made me think of a bigger picture. Something to look for outside of the ridiculously corny "you complete me" nonsense. 

The first of these was from the movie "Hitch." This movie is hilarious and so far fetched in so many ways. But aside from that, 'Hitch' is constantly telling people to put themselves out there. Good solid advice. What have I been saying in most of my recent posts? Be social, dang it! This movie is just reiterating that fact.

The second was from the movie "Penelope." A girl born with the nose of a pig is able to break the curse and gets a cute, perfectly proportioned nose because she loves and accepts herself just the way she is. True, the love interest loved her just the way she was, but that's not my point. Or maybe it is. If you love yourself, someone somewhere will also love you for you. This also makes you more confident, and apparently that's attractive. Who knew?

So, in addition to my already standing goal to be more social and put myself out there, I am now going to try really hard to love me for me. (Maybe once I accept myself, my butt will miraculously be transformed into a cute, perfectly proportioned butt. Here's hoping!)

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Booklogged said...

Good goals. Maybe I should adopt them. Your posts make me smile because you are so funny.

Rach said...

I am TOTALLY a romantic comedy skeptic too!! They're so unrealistic. I try really hard to just enjoy them as they are...but it's extremely hard. Hahaha :]

BUT I also totally loved Penelope and Hitch for those exact same reasons!! I swear Penelope changed my life. Well, not the movie itself, because I honestly can't remember it, but that concept. I totally adopted it :] I can't say my love life is any different [it basically doesn't exist hahaha] BUT I feel totally better about myself and don't care as much that I'm always single on that silly day coming up in 12 days.
This comment was a novel. Sorry about that :] Love your blog! Good luck with your goals!

Katie said...

Oh gosh...Just the other day I was telling my friend how just once I'd like a chick-flick to end in a way that you don't want it too..but then, I'd probably be disappointed if it did, so...haha.

Romantic comedies either make me way sad, or way happy. It depends on my mood, and who I'm with..hehe.

Those are good goals though! Those were mine at the beginning of this year, and I've been so happy since. Thanks for the comment on my blog; I love yours! I'll definitely be following. And I noticed you're from are my cousins! haha

Eliza Moone said...

I'm new to your blog and I've read a few posts! Oh! You are so funny! I love your take on things! I can relate to so many things you say! Totally following!

Rissy said...

I loved the "except at BYU" comment hahaha
I think my favorite part of watching romantic comedies is that I totally buy into it every time! My favorite romantic comedy of all time used to be 16 Candles.. cause yea that's going to happen.
I highly recommend "He's Just Not That Into You". Not everyone ends up happy, but the couple who does make me cry every time. I'm such a hopeless romantic. I still fantasize about the guy I like calling me and saying "I don't want you to be with anyone else! Let's make this work." Ugh gag me haha

Kate Weber said...

Booklogged: I'll help you with those!

Rach: I know, it's hard not to be skeptical when watching these movies!

Katie: Still interested to hear who your cousins are. And I feel that way when the people don't end up together in romantic comedies, because it seems contradictory. But I still hate it when they get together.

Eliza: Welcome to the blog! Glad that you like it!

Rissy: I love the movie 'He's Just Not That Into You' partly because the guys act like guys. Haha. I do love that GiGi gets her guy. I'm a hopeless romantic myself. This is why these movies bother me. Love them to death, but they make me frustrated at my lack of love life. :P

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

thats a damn good goal sister!

Allison said...

Haha, I love this post! And I also love Romantic Comedies... so much. It's kind of bad, actually. Having grown up with Disney fairy tales and these comedies- I'm expecting a fairy tale ending! Oh well.

I know this sounds bad- but I actually didn't mind Penelope's pig nose. Actually, I was shocked when she lost it and her nose was so SMALL!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hollywood movies show us what we want for ourselves. Even so, they're probably very damaging to the concepts of 'how things should be', because life is not like movies.