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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Dance

When I was younger, we had stake dances (a youth dance for the church) twice every month. From the time I was 14-17, these dances were the highlight of my 2nd and 4th Saturdays. (Though, I'm not sure why I went most of the time. I usually came home crushed about something some boy did. Psh. Boys.) I haven't been to a dance since New Year's Eve 2008. I remember that I really liked them, even with the stupid boys. 

My singles ward hosts dances quite frequently. I always tell myself I'm going to go, but never do. For some reason, I think I'll sit on the sidelines, never dancing. In my mind, I'm finding it hard to believe that adult single guys are going to ask me to dance. Or maybe that there will only be one or two guys there at all! 
Tonight is the Valentines Dance. I'm actually really excited to go. I've got a group of girls I'm going with and it should be a really good time.

However... I have a cold. It's not crippling, but I sure can't breath. I've been taking every little step I can to clear it up by tonight. I don't feel I'm having much luck. I'm sure I could tough it out, but what guy wants to dance with a sniffling, stuffy, breathes-through-her-mouth girl? I don't want to leave that impression! And it's not like I can tell them I have a cold! The word will spread like the viral infection I'm likely to spread to a few people. "Don't dance with THAT girl if you don't want to get sick!" I'm in a pickle.

Speaking of pickles, my dad bought some last night. WHEW! They cleared my sinuses! I would so take a jar of pickles with me to the dance, but I don't want to risk two guys having THIS conversation. "So, was she cute?" "She smelled like pickles!" "OH! You were dancing with pickle-girl? Sorry dude. I could have warned you." No thank you. I do not much want to be pickle-girl! 

So, I'm crossing my fingers, hoping against hope that the cold will diminish before 8pm tonight. I think I'm going to go and drain my sinuses again. (Have you guys ever used a Neti Pot? SO gross, but so awesome! WOO!)

P.S. I started listening to Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' after typing the title, thinking some peppy music would help get the creative juices flowing while writing this post. Instead I ended up dancing around my room. I suppose I took the lyrics a little too seriously.

4 Thoughts:

KG said...

I always loved stake dances! the youth dances seem to always be better than the young adult dances. however I do recall a certain Valentine's Dance that my friend (now husband) had organized, that was super fun but it was also only for our branch...maybe thats why it was fun. heheheehe.

I hope you feel better soon! like sooner than 8pm. what kind of medicines have you been taking? the DayQuil+Vitamin C liquid gels work way good.

Have fun!

ps...i lurve Lady Gaga...even though she is weird. :D


so cute!
Lady Gaga is fabulousss...

alainarose said...

"you were dancing with pickle girl? sorry dude. I could have warned you."
priceless. Oh, you are so funny.
How was the dance after all that?
Looking foward to reading more :)
and thanks for following my blog!

Reixe t'Vobi said...

I hate dances, but wouldn't mind dancing with a girl. Just... dances are awkward for a me.