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Sunday, February 14, 2010


As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a cold. It's not a huge deal, and I've been managing. I'm very doped up on all sorts of meds that my spell checker does not recognize. Zicam, Cold-A-Tak, Vicks Vapor Spray, Cepacol throat lozenges. I still feel a little groggy, but all of this has allowed me to go about my daily life with minimal discomfort. I'm being very careful with my medication, don't worry.

Although, on Friday, when I realized I was getting sick, I wanted to do all that I could to get over it. I had plans for the weekend, for crying out loud! So I dug through our medicine cabinet, looking through the array of meds for something that could kick my cold out of my system before it really took hold. I took some vitamin C, and read a few labels. Cold-A-Tak promised to get rid of my cold three times faster. It had the potential of being a miracle! Take five times a day for the first two days. I did the math, figuring I'd be awake for about 15 hours. "Okay! I'll take a pill every three hours then!" It was about hour nine that I realized that they expected me to take them every five or so hours instead of every three. Whoops. But there weren't any noticeable repercussions. Maybe I'll die of cancer of the roof of the mouth or something years from now.

I was able to attend the highly decorated dance because I was so heavily drowned in drugs. It was a little silly. When I arrived everyone was positioned in a circle. I felt myself groan. It was a single mingle type of dance. All of the boys were in a circle with their backs to each other, a girl facing each guy. You do a couple step-togethers, a spin or two and then the girl moves to the next guy. It's like speed dating to country music. I hate these activities. I tried to duck out...but was caught. I suppose there were a couple of guys that were very cute that I probably wouldn't have danced with otherwise...

The dance was a bit of a dud. Nothing special. I had to keep dodging a guy that I didn't want to talk to all night to the point of leaving the dance early. It wasn't a huge loss. I wasn't doing much dancing either way. Though, I did have a good conversation about marriage with a friend who was also frustrated by the dullness of the dance.

Sarah: I think I'm going to start fasting to find an eternal companion.
Kate: I'll fast with you!
Sarah: Every fast Sunday?
Kate: Why stop there? Lets fast EVERY Sunday. OR, every day! We'll be very tuned in to the spirit AND we'll lose weight!

It's the perfect plan!

Today, I woke up with a closed throat. Oh dear. If you recall, I was supposed to be singing in the choir. So I spent two hours singing through the song, sucking on a cough drop, and trying to work out the lump in my throat. It worked to an extent and I felt comfortable singing. Though, I do admit, I have taken my voice for granted. Once you lose something (if even for a few hours) it's much more appreciated. The choir sounded lovely! 

It's been an interesting weekend. I'm really hoping that my cold goes away soon.

Also! Happy Valentines Day! I've been spending it watching romantic movies. My dad also made blueberry pancakes for dinner which were fabulous! It's been a good Single Awareness Day.

P.S. I'm actually starting to SEE the results of the weight loss! I can slide my smallest pair of jeans off without unbuttoning them! (It's not attractive to have such loose fitting clothing, but I'm thrilled.)

2 Thoughts:

karajean said...

Country dancing & speed dating? Sounds like a combination of two of my absolute least favorite things. ever. No wonder you wanted to escape!

Anonymous said...

Country dancing... ew. Brings up bad memories.

I am glad the singing turned out okay!