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Monday, November 22, 2010

Question Monday

These questions are from Jamie @ Spread Your Wings and Fly! She tagged me and 
asked me these questions in the tag game! I want you all to go and check out her 
blog! It's adorable and she's awesome!

1.    What is your favorite makeup product?

I love, Love, LOVE my Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Pallet. It is love!

2.    What would the theme song to your life be?

I think I’d have to pick Change by Taylor Swift. It just really speaks to me.

3.    What is one of your passions?

I love to sing. I have loved singing since I was a little kid. I have videos of me. I can barely talk, but I’m singing anyway.

4.    Who is your fashion icon?

Ha! I don’t actually follow the fashion world much. I wear what I think looks cute and stylish, but I couldn’t tell you anything about designers or models or what have you.

5.    When it comes to men, what is the most important trait he should possess.

Understanding. I’m a chaotic mess sometimes. I don’t always understand my moods. I’m like a Katy Perry song. A guy who can see all of that and understand that that’s just who I am and will love me anyway, that’s what I want.

6.    Who is your hero?

My daddy. He and I are so much alike, and knowing that he has overcome some of the things I’m struggling with and knowing that he’s willing to help me makes me feel so blessed. He’s the best.

7.    What is your favorite quote?

It’s on my sidebar: “Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”

8.    What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Being able to look back and reread posts. It’s fun to see how much your writing style has changed, or how you felt about a certain time in your life. It’s fascinating!

Have a question you would like to ask me? I would LOVE to answer them!

2 Thoughts:

Denise said...

I love your answer for what you need in a person you're dating. Understanding goes so far, and without it there really can't be anything.

Anonymous said...

Understanding is key.