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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I was looking through pictures today and stumbled across a really old family picture. It was fun to look at my sisters and parents and myself and see how much we've all changed. To see how little our family pictures used to be before we added more people into the mix. I spent the next half an hour scrounging up other family portraits. It was so much fun, I just have to share them with you!

1995 or 1996

1999 or 2000




I love my family SO much! They mean everything to me and I have no idea what I'd do without their support and love!

And now for some funny pictures! 

I miss you guys!

9 Thoughts:

Amber said...

These are SUCH fun pictures, and you have a big family! :)

Booklogged said...

Love you too. Sure is fun to look back through the years.

C said...

Awww, very fun. Now you have me tempted to go looking through pictures, which I absolutely do NOT have time for.

I love that last one and how you all have black shirts and blue jeans. I want to coordinate something like that the next time I take pictures with my family. It just looks so nice!

DB said...

Gotta love those classic 90s family portraits like the one at the top. We have quite a few of those as well. If I recall correctly, we all wore matching jeans and baggy denim shirts. Oh yeah.

Supergreensunbear said...

That's awesome that you have such a record of the family all together over time - something pretty special really.

Co-incidentally we've been scanning our old family albums too recently. Nothing as cool as group pics but it's quite a trip down memory lane.
Like your photos, the thing that seems to span time is always one persons facial hair. Who knew moustaches could defy the laws of time and space?

L!$@ said...

LOVE IT!! The good old family portrait! :D said...

Ha. I just noticed you're in Utah. Like me. Right on!

Anonymous said...

You have such a huge family! I'm officially jealous. I've always wanted a ton of brothers and sisters.

Santhiya said...

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