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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Spy: Unpacking Edition

Moving is a crazy amount of work. I never expected to be this busy when I got here.

Definitely the biggest project has been unpacking all the stuff that I brought with me. How silly I was to think that I was practical about what I brought along. I'm thinking that I over did it a little bit. 

It's nearly impossible to get around my room to even put things away because there is so much stuff. I'm slowly making progress, but it's quite the project. 

I decided that I would post a picture of the crazy mess that is my new room.

It's pretty crazy isn't it? 

This picture reminded me of those "I Spy" books I used to read when I was a kid. So I created a few little rhymes so you could take joy in my chaos!

Find me a bath time buddy and a pirate swear,
A “super” accessory and things for your neck to wear.

Two kinds of underwear and an obvious box handle,
Three pretty girls, febreeze, and a cookie mix candle.

A green photo box, and a red smiling hot rod.
Listening to Internet Radio because I can’t find my iPod.

(Can't find something? Try enlarging the picture! Still having trouble? The answers are here.)

Making hide and seek rhymes are kind of hard.

I better get back to it. This mess isn't going to clean itself. (Wouldn't it be nice if it did?)

2 Thoughts:

Holly Swaney said...

You still have a Super Nintendo? So do I!!!

Ashley said...

I love the I Spy books! :]

I still have boxes of stuff I haven't unpacked since I moved here. And it's been.. close to five years now. Maybe some day. When I move again.