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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best Of!

I was reading some of my older posts today. I have so many posts that I just love! 

But I realized that they are practically dead to the world. They are buried so deep inside of my archives that chances are no one will ever read them.
So I've started "Best Of Sunday!" 

Twice a month, I will revive one of my all time favorite posts from this blog! 

This week, I picked one that made me feel really great about me, which I have been needing lately.

The original post (linked here!) was a challenge from another blogger (who unfortunately made her blog private) to write ten things about you that are awesome! It made me feel inspired to look at the good and not the bad! And I've decided to play again!

The original ten reasons why I'm awesome!
1. I wrote a book. And I think it's good!
2. I have great taste in TV, music and movies.
3. I'm not afraid to sing in front of people. Whether it's huge crowds, my friends, or the person in the car next me at an intersection.
4. I make videos on YouTube, and people actually watch them.
5. I can make instant friends with just about everyone. Even if we don't stay friends, for that one night we are best buds.
6. I have amazing long natural hair. It's thick, it's soft, it hasn't been fried by chemicals. And the best thing, it doesn't get greasy for two days after I shower. I love my hair.
7. I decided to lose weight and actually followed through. I have lost 30 pounds and am still going strong! (I've lost more than that since then.)
8. I have a great sense of humor. I'm sarcastic, quippy and laugh at pretty much everything.
9. My brain is filled with awesome and useless information on a myriad of things. Let me watch a movie a few times, and when listening to the soundtrack, I'll be able to tell you almost exactly what is happening. You've heard of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? I do my own version with M. Night Shyamalan.* Etc.
10. I am loved by so many people. That love makes me awesome.

*I can get from M. Night to any actor/actress and back. Ex: M. Night to Robert DeNiro. M. Night directed The Village with Joaquin Phoenix who was in Ladder 49 with John Travolta who was in Hairspray with Michelle Pfieffer who was in Stardust with Robert DeNiro who was in Hide and Seek with Dakota Fanning who was in War of the Worlds with Miranda Otto who was in Lord of the Rings with Elijah Wood who was in Forever Young with Mel Gibson who was in Signs directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It's so useless but it works.

Ten (more) reasons why I'm awesome!

1. I'm a total gamer. I've never played a video game I didn't like! And I've played quite a few. 
2. I have rockin' curves! Seriously. Totally hot
3. I can play the guitar. I taught myself.
4. Photoshop is my best buddy. I've made some pretty awesome creations in there!

(Zombie picture is totally creepy! I love it!)

5. I'm a nerd and proud of it! Call me a nerd! It's not an insult, it's a compliment!
6. I play expert on Guitar Hero. Cause I'm just that cool!
7. I am insanely close to being in the normal, healthy weight range for my height. Just a few more pounds and I'm there! It feels SO good knowing that I've accomplished something so huge!
8. I have dainty little hands with long skinny fingers and pretty natural nails!
9. I can tap dance.
10. I realize that there are so many more things than just twenty that make me awesome. And that's pretty awesome just in itself.

We're all amazing in our own ways. I think we should take the opportunity to remember the good things about ourselves. The traits that make us awesome!

What are ten things that make YOU awesome?!

3 Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Did you really write a book? I want to do that! (whining) lol

I'm awesome because I can lift one eye brow at a time, like scarlette o'hara from gone with the wind- er vivian leigh I should say. TELL me you know what I'm talking about! lol

Kate Weber said...

Caity, I know exactly what you mean and I am so jealous! I can't do that though I have tried many a time to raise one eyebrow at a time. I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Love #5 :)