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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Vegas is funny. 

There are a few things that have really made me laugh since I got here.

Getting lost looking for post offices that don't exist.

The ice cream truck that drives around the neighborhood...  in the WINTER!

But nothing is more funny than getting mistaken for a hooker.

Ready for a funny story? 

Apparently you don't have to walk the streets for people to think you're a hooker. All you need to do is live in Las Vegas and have a Facebook account.

I got on Facebook today to find this message:

I had been feeling sick all day, and this totally made me laugh!

Let's break this down, shall we?

1. I only changed my location yesterday. Scotty is so on top of things!

2. $1000, Scotty? That's it? I'm worth $1003!

3. Thanks Scotty! I am glad you think I'm hot!

4. You can't even check my age before you write me? C'mon Scotty! 

So Scotty, the decent looking white guy, I am afraid I have to turn you down. While I am of legal age, I'm pretty sure prostitution is well... illegal. But it's totally flattering that you thought I was a whore! 

Oh Vegas... you're so funny!

10 Thoughts:

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Does that mean you have his email address? You should message him back and mess with his head. Or give me his email address so I can mess with his head. That is soooo funny.


Kate Weber said...

LOL Whitney! I messaged back through facebook that I wasn't interested, but I'm vaguely hoping he stumbles across this blog soon. If I had his email address, I would most definitely give it to you.

Smart Ass Sara said...

message him and say you need a pic of his goods before you'll even think about it. :) Coincidentally, I keep getting pictures of blog followers penises.. it's odd.

Kate Weber said...

Oh dear, Sara. That's awkward. To all of my readers: Please don't show me your junk.

Sweta said...

OH boy, oh boy, oh BOY! :D

Rachel said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That is hysterical!!!

Olivia Juliann Crabtree said...

haha I think it's awesome that he said to ignore if you are under 18.
At least he's no criminal ;)

C said...

Vegas is for sure an interesting place. I PROMISE that the post offices do exist, but I had the same problem when I moved here. They put them in the most peculiar places.

Bet you haven't seen the man dancing with his parrot yet, have you? ;-)


TJ said...

That is awesome. LOL.

Vegas is crazy. :)

justine love said...

He probably didn't think you were a hooker, but most (not saying you... just most of them... :P) girls that decide to live in Vegas, have big dreams of being famous and what not, and they only end up being escorts, prostitutes, and strippers who feel the need to earn easy money to support their new found lifestyle of booze and drugs... Scotty there probably assumed you're one of those girls... :P