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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm It!

Kari over at Lime Green Movie Girl (who has an adorable blog, btw) has tagged me! I will now be sharing with you fifteen little known facts about myself! Which is perfect, since I have a lot of new readers and I want to scare them away with goofy things about me.

1. I have never been able to do a cartwheel. I look more like an uncoordinated donkey bucking in a whirlpool. It's... awkward.

2. I always get the same sandwich at Subway. Turkey on white, without cheese, with lettuce, tomato, olives and mayo. This sandwich has been pleasing my taste buds since 1994.

3. If I could play any character in any Broadway production, it would be Ursula in The Little Mermaid!

4. I am in a long distance relationship with a boy named Kevin.

5. I skipped over a lot of typical medical conditions that people have in life. I've never had a broken bone. I've never had a bloody nose. And I've never had the chicken pox.

6. If I like something, I obsess over it. I get a favorite song, I listen to it until a new favorite comes along. I start a craft project, it's my only and favorite thing to do for a few days until something else comes along.

7. My name is Kathryn, but I've always gone by Katie (and a few high school friends started the Kate thing.) But in 2nd grade, I insisted on going by Kathryn. I was convinced it made me sound smarter and more mature. But by 3rd grade, I had grown out of that phase.

8. I've had a myriad of pets (in order from most common to most strange): Cats, Dogs, Fish, Hamsters, Birds, Rabbits, Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Iguanas, Hedgehogs and Chinchillas.

9. I cannot stand the sound of cracking knuckles or popping joints. It is my nails on a chalkboard. Gross.

10. I can sound like an elephant. Yes. I am that cool. (Also a purring cat and a rattle snake.)

11. I'm a big fan of games. Video games. Board games. Card games. I love them all. (I guess I don't always like love games. Sorry Lady Gaga.)

12. When a stranger or acquaintance passes me in a hallway or on the street, and they smile at me I always pull what is supposed to be a smile, but is more like a grimace. I then break eye contact and look at the ground until we pass one another. I really hope people don't think I'm stuck up.

13. I have a thing for cartoon characters. They are all just so sexy! Hercules, Dimitri, Link! All so attractive.

14. I have my own green screen. Yeah. Like they use in the movies and really low budget commercials.

15. I freak myself out frequently. I do something spooky to make myself laugh (usually when I'm home alone at night) and end up terrified and unable to sleep. Silly me.

Thanks for the tag, Kari! That was so much fun! 

Also, thank you to Cole from Dry Humor Daily for this award!

And another thank you to Ashley Eliza from Absolutely Ashley for this award! 

Because I'm a cheater, and I'm combining all of these tasks together and disregarding the real rules for the tag game and these awards! Here are MY rules!

Go write a post listing fifteen random facts about yourself! Then come back to this post and leave a comment! I will pick ten random people from the comments and those people will win one of these awesome blog awards! I can't wait to read your random facts!

5 Thoughts:

Booklogged said...

Irresistibly Sweet - that's you! I can't believe how you can come up with such clever, yet true things about you. If I tried my mind just freezes and I don't even know anything about myself.

Framed said...

I totally agree with you about cracking knuckles and popping joints. My co-workers will sit at my desk and do that. Yuck!!

Myke Weber said...

Don't you think Calvin is sexy?

Kate Weber said...

Myke... Calvin is 6. As sexy as 6 year olds can be. But I'm not a fictional pedophile!

Dave said...

I crack my knuckles all the time, so I'd probably drive you insane. I keep telling myself it can't possibly be good for my health, but I still haven't quit yet.