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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Things...

I'm sitting in the living room of a house with a very open floor plan trying to be very quiet as I type this.

My sister and four friends just had a crazy party down on the strip and are now passed out and I don't want to wake them.
It's been quite refreshing sitting in the silence for once. I usually have some form of noise in the background; Music, TV or a movie. But today, I can't have any of that. It is just the soft noise of my fingers pushing the keys.

And in all of this silence, I have been able to think about the good things and even do a few of them.

I read a good hundred pages of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire tonight while everyone was asleep. I love this story. It's so inventive and imaginative and magical. I am so glad I decided to reread these books. 

I got dressed and went for a walk around the neighborhood. I have a perfect path lined out around the little gated community and it's about three miles long. There are nice uphill and downhill slopes that make the walk a little more challenging. And when I go, it's early enough that I get to see the sunrise.

Only today was different. It had rained in the night and the streets were shimmering with water that hadn't dried and it all smelled like a cool spring rain. The air was crisp and chilled and felt so good as I walked around the community. It was strangely quiet. Usually there are quite a few people starting their cars (Silly Vegas people think it's cold enough outside that they need to start their cars to warm up before going to work. It's 55 degrees people! That's not cold!) and heading off to the jobs they have to provide for the nice cars and homes they have. 

But today was Sunday and everyone was sleeping in. A nice older couple was cleaning out weeds in their front yard and we nodded and said "Mornin'" as I passed. The flowers on some of the trees and plants are coming in to bloom and look so pretty.

So I walked about three miles while thinking about spring and Harry Potter. About how good it feels to be exercising and eating right again. About how much weight I've lost and how amazing it feels to actually be able to move around without huffing and puffing. But most of all how good I looked in some of the clothes that I brought with me in hopes that maybe soon I'd fit into them. I even tried on my old swim suit from when I was huge. It was always far too tight on me and now it fits my figure perfectly and I feel so thin!

Everything feels good. I have my down moments, but who doesn't?

I have so many things to look forward to. So many things to love. And so many people who love me too! How could anything possibly be THAT bad.

2 Thoughts:

KG said...

love this post! and i can almost smell that crisp spring air. but then i look out my window and see a blizzard. ;)

Booklogged said...

They really warm their cars up?! That's funny. Your walks sound blissful and inspiring. Way to go - exercising and loosing weight. It lifts my spirits just reading this post because you sound so positive.