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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Few Notes

I'd appreciate it if you'd just get used to working out already. It would make me want to do it a lot more. I have quite a lot of fun pumping out some awesome kick boxing moves or walking three miles in the morning. I do NOT care for the way you treat me after. Stop whining. I know you want to look and feel sexy just as much as I do, and the sooner you get over your sore attitude, the sooner we can both enjoy this.

Dear Prospective Employers,
I am looking for a job. I've sent you my application, so I'm sure you are aware of this. Please consider me. I like living in Vegas and would very much like to stay here and work at your facility.
Please and thank you,
Kathryn M. Weber

To Pandora -
I am not entirely sure how this happened, but I would very much like to keep listening to your station for the rest of the month. Isn't it a compliment that I like music so much that I've already used up all of my free listening for the month. I think I deserve some kind of reward for that. How about letting me continue to listen to music? Deal? 
Kay thanks.

My lovely home:
I miss you. I love where I am right now, but there's something different about the smells and atmosphere of this place. I must admit that I do not miss the cold that you are experiencing right now, or the remodeling that you went through as soon as you were purged of my existence. But I still miss how comfortable I felt around you. Please keep mom and dad safe and warm. 
Your old tenant,
P.S. I promise to come and visit.

Itty Bitty,
You're a great cat. Goofy, a little needy since we moved, but still adorable. Thanks for hanging out with me because I'm new in town and have no friends. It makes me feel a bit like a crazy cat lady. But I'd rather be a CCL than be home all alone on a Saturday night. So thanks. 

I know you protest, but don't deny how good this stretching feels. Stop fighting it and just relax.
Silly meaty tissue.

5 Thoughts:

KG said...

i love the notes to your muscles. i've been having the same conversation with my muscles. okay, it's not really a convo, because they don't talk back, they just groan in protest.

Anonymous said...

Cute post. We've all had similiar discussions in our heads I think. At least, I have, or maybe even out loud. Good to see I'm not alone.

k-money said...

Whiny muscle support group?

C said...

Love this idea. Job hunting... it's evil, especially around these parts. I bet you'll find the perfect job though!

Myke Weber said...

It's considerably warmer around here since you left. Love Home.

Come visit any time.