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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All About YOU!

I'm feeling very cut off from the world.

With my new job taking up the majority of my day, I don't feel like I have nearly as much time to blog and connect with all of you like I used to!

So this post is all about you!

Let's have a discussion!

I am going to ask you a few questions and then I want you all to answer them in the comments!

You can answer all of them, or some of them, or only one of them. I just want to hear your thoughts!

If I like the things you have you say, I might feature your comments right here in an upcoming blog post!

Fun right?

I think so.

Topic One: Where are you working right now? Do you like your job?

Topic Two: What are you reading right now? Thoughts? What books do you WISH you were reading? What are you all time favorite books?

Topic Three: How do you find time to blog when you are working full time? What do you blog about? 

Topic Four: If you could pick one sandwich to eat for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

I'll answer all of these questions in a future post right alongside some of my favorite comments from you! 

Let's hear what YOU have to say!

12 Thoughts:

smallgirl said...

Hi Kate!

Hope you're enjoying your new job. Appropriately enough I just got home from work so I thought I would play along...

1) I work one day a week (usually) in a mail room at the university. The rest of the time, I am a doctoral researcher / PhD student. I do not get paid for this, but I do treat it like a full time job nonetheless! I like both my jobs, the paid one and the unpaid one.

2) Right now I am reading Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. It's the first in the Song of Ice & Fire series. I borrowed it from my brother and am enjoying it so far, although it's huge! I've been waiting to read it for ages, so I'm not really wishing I was reading something else. My list of all-time favourite books is quite long, but top of the list are probably The Plot Against America (Philip Roth), Tales of the City (Armistead Maupin) and The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood).

3) I blog whenever I have something to say, and I blog about my swimming progress too, which occasionally gives me a topic if I can't think of one! Mostly though, I just blog about my life.

4) Ha! I am reasonably boring when it comes to food, and would have to say cheddar cheese and red onion. Although if I ate that every day for the rest of my life, I'd have to have a pretty hefty supply of mints...

Tristachio said...

1) Right now I am working in a cubicle that I've managed to decorate with various office looking documents just so I can fool people into thinking that I actually "work" and not just show up to get paid and dick around despite the fact that I don't actually have a dick to dick around with.

I sort of like my job kind of like the way Tesla loved the fact that Edison was a massive dick.

2) I'm currently reading Anthropology books that make me feel as if I should feel like the worst person in the world because I have two legs and a brain. I wish I was reading something sexy and dangerous like "Naked Volcano Cooking". My favorite books of all times is "Naked Volcano Wrestling".

3) I find time between my leisurely bathroom break and extended lunch to blog about things like poop, and expoiting siblings, and the stupid things my boyfriend says.

5) I'd eat Tuna every day for the rest of my life because then I could go to bed safe in the knowledge I am single handedly destroying a fish population. Because fish are jerks.

Anonymous said...

Topic One: Where are you working right now? Do you like your job?

I work as an admin assistant for a nonprofit trade association now. I hate being an admin assistant (aka BUTT WIPER) and I don't like working in a small office full of viper-ladies.

Topic Two: What are you reading right now? Thoughts? What books do you WISH you were reading? What are you all time favorite books?

I just got done reading Candy Girl by Diablo Cody. I liked it, interesting perspective. I need to make a library jaunt soon, so I am currently reading nothing.

Topic Three: How do you find time to blog when you are working full time? What do you blog about?

That's the thing about my job... I can totally blog and read blogs at least 45% of my workday. You can't beat that, unless it's by being a full time blogger or not working at all!

Topic Four: If you could pick one sandwich to eat for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

I had the best marinated tofu and veggie sandwich of my life at a healthy living conference I went to recently. Oh man. I could eat those every day if necessary.

Risa said...

I really hope that you're loving your new job! New things are always exciting, even when they're a lot of work. :) Here are my answers to your questions:

Topic One:
1) I work for an internet-based travel company.
2) I do not like my job. At all. I used to, when I first started a little over a year ago, but I have become disenchanted. I am looking forward to student teaching this spring and (hopefully) teaching full time next fall.

Topic Two:
1) I am currently reading Coraline with my daughter, one chapter at a time, and The Time Machine, by myself.
2) I have read both before and thoroughly enjoyed both.
3) I would like to have time to re-read the Wicked series of books by Gregory Maguire, but I have a feeling that finishing The Time Machine is going to be about all I have time to do before my YA fiction class starts on Thursday. If I finish it before Thursday.
4) My favorite books are those written by Jane Austen and The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I also really like The Crucible (technically a play) by Arthur Miller and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Topic Three:
1) I always make time for the things that I really enjoy.
2) Everything and nothing. My daughter, school, work... I just started a series of posts on the perils of apartment hunting.

Topic Four:
1) Turkey and Swiss cheese on whole wheat bread with spicy brown mustard and lettuce. Or peanut butter (creamy) and jelly (grape) on whole wheat bread. I will probably eat both of these sandwiches for the rest of my life.

Those were fun to answer! I hope that you get a lot of interesting responses!

Kelsey said...

Topic One: Right now I am working at an advertising company. We do online and print. And honestly, my liking it depends on the day. Sometimes things go great and sometimes I want to put in an application at McDonalds!

Topic Two: I'm reading the first Sookie Stackhouse book by Ms. Harris. Though it's certainly creative, the writing style isn't to my tastes. I WISH I were reading the last book in the STRANEG ANGELS series by Lili St. Crow. (Insert dreamy sigh here.) My all-tme favorite book (such a mean question!) would have to be The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

Topic Three: I blog while at work! Heehee. Don't tell my boss. And I blog mostly about writing/publishing.

Topic Four: Grilled cheese all the way.

Great blog post, Katie! I really enjoy your podcasts.


nova said...

I feel really disconnected from the world as well, because I switched schools this year and it's much harder! (in fact I should be studying right now...)

1. I'm working as a high school student : D
I got the opportunity to go to a really nice school this year, so I have sooo much more work. I love it though! It's a small, yet diverse group of people who are all very nice and helpful.
2. Right now I'm reading The Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas. It is the 3rd in the D'Artagnan Romances (otherwise known as The Three Musketeers). I'm a sucker for a fun action/adventure story, mixed in with some history. 17th century France and England is so much fun! I am loving this one as much as the other 2, but it took about 100 pages to get it started (they are usually go from 600-700 pages). You have to have a good tolerance for rambling if you want to get through the sequels. (Athos is my favorite :D) I wish I was reading either Stolen, Ruby Red, or The Singer of All Songs (bought recently due to your review!) I would also like to reread the Bartimaeus Trilogy right now. It's not too popular, but they are fun. Bartimaeus is the most sarcastic djinn you'll ever meet. My favorite book is most definitely The Book Thief, as well as Sherlock Holmes and The Three Musketeers.
3. I don't blog anymore (it was my personal journal anyway) but I do like to write out physically. I normally write on the weekends, but lately I've been ignoring it. I usually write about whatever is on my mind at the moment. Generally, I write lists of stuff I want to do, or things I'm interested it. In almost every journal entry I write about the books I'm reading and what I think about it as well.
4. Only one?!?!?!?! Nutella.

Whitney said...

1. I work full-time in the couseling/social service/case management field. I work in clients homes. I also am getting my master's degree.

2. Currently, I am reading "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. I have also bought several books that I plan to read after I am finished with that one. Some I plan to read afterwards..."Lucky" by Alice Sebold, "Her Last Death" by Susanna Sonnenberg, and "Why You and Your Mother Can't Be Friends," by Victoria Secunda.

3. I usually try to schedule blog posts ahead of time. However, there are times when I just blog when I get home from work. What I blog about usually changes.

4. I don't really like sandwiches, so I would choose a double bacon cheeseburger.

Booklogged said...

I've sure had fun reading everyone's answers. Great post, Miss Kate!

1. I'm happily retired and working on a quilt, a x-stitch and lots of genealogy. Love what I'm doing!

2. Just started reading Louise Penny's A Trick of the Light. It was released today. We pre-ordered it and it should arrive in the mail on Friday but sometime I must have also put it on hold at the library - they called today and said it was ready for me! Now I can start reading it at my own slow speed and then when our pre-ordered copy arrives Myke can join me at his breakneck speed. It's a pure joy to start a new book by a favorite author and just melt right into their writing and the story. Love it!

3. I don't blog much any more. In fact, I have 5 or 6 books that need to be reviewed.

4. One sandwich? How can anyone pick just one? BLTs are a favorite, as are tuna with those yummy fluorescent green pickles.

Can't wait to read what your answers to these questions are. How's your job going so far?

L!$@ said...

1) I currently Nanny for a family and also take on extra random jobs (such as a pizza delivery chick). I love it...most of the time :D

2) Not currently reading anything, but really want to get into another book asap.

3) When I was working two jobs and school and everything I found it very hard to blog. I keep a list now of blog ideas and whip them out if needed. Even a quick post is good.

4) I love chicken and salad sandwiches but I don't think I could eat any one sandwich for the rest of my life. Variety is the spice of life right?! :D

Crystal said...

1) I'm a freelance writer, mostly for USA Today's Travel site.

2) I've been reading the True Blood books, which is odd for me because I read mostly nonfiction with the occasional more "serious" novel thrown in, but they're quick, fun reads! Also reading a book about the climbers on the North side of Everest during the '96 disaster.

Rach said...

Topic One:
1 - I have two jobs currently! An assistant to the buyers for the housewares department of a locally-owned gourmet food store type place [yeah, that's a mouthful], full time. And I'm a part-time nanny!
2 - Job #1 would be AWESOME if I was looking to get into the retail business. But...I'm not. I don't think my calling in life is in retail. NOPE. Job #2 is wonderful and I love the two toddlers I get to play with :D

Topic Two:
1 - I'm reading the Book of Mormon [my boyfriend and I have the goal to finish it by conference!], and a couple other churchy books. Also I have a copy of "Harold and the Purple Crayon" that I enjoy reading before bed, and I get to read "Are You My Mother?" multiple times a day in various accents. My thoughts: the baby bird in Are You My Mother sounds best with a low man-voice. I think tomorrow I might try giving him a lisp! Or a Scottish accent. Hmm...
2 - I WISH I could be working on my goal to read every single Agatha Christie novel she ever wrote! She is my all-time favorite author :) I love love love murder mysteries.

Topic Three:
1 - I stay up entirely too late...haha :P I really don't have a "schedule" with blogging, I just write when the mood strikes me. So whatever time that is...I sit down and type it out. I blog about whatever come to mind...whether it be things going on in my life, funny experiences, thoughtful musings....whatever tickles my fancy I guess.

And I would DEFINITELY eat BLT's every single day for the rest of forever!!!! MMMM, bacon. It's probably my favorite food. Scratch that, it DEFINITELY is. Yup. I love me some fried pig stuff.

Plum said...

Alright, I'll play.

1) I signed up to be a substitute teacher a few months ago, but I don't work very often because... I don't feel like it. I've been working really hard on my Etsy store, because it would be awesome to make money from home since I want to have kids soon. I've made four sales since opening last week, so I think it's going pretty well.

2) I'm reading the third installment of The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy. I have reviews of the first two on my blog. I'm too chicken to do video reviews like you though. I'm also reading the reprint of the Sailor Moon manga, which is nostalgic as hell. love it. I'm reading Tiji-kun, which is a fighting manga... And I'm reading the fifth installment of the Song of Ice and Fire (AKA Game of Thrones) saga, which I HIGHLY recommend. It's the least predictable series I've read, with such vibrant characters. I am obsessed with it. Which is one of the reasons I'm reading so many other things--the next book isn't out, so I'm trying to slow myself down.

3) I don't work full time, so N/A. I do like to schedule posts ahead of time, though. I'll sometimes do several in a day, and I have the next week and a half done.

4) Bacon, lettuce, avocado, fake mayo, and siracha. Basically a BLT, but with magic added.